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The Possible Future Of Mankind

Updated March 14, 2020

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The Possible Future Of Mankind essay

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The Possible Future of Mankind The future of mankind is not carved in stone, so to speak.. The future is as yet undefined, but I can give you a general idea of what will happen. First I will explain the basic premises of sentient evolution.

A. STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT 1. Gatherer This stage is the first in any sentient species.. and is simply the people gathering their food and other materials.. and then someone discovers that throwing a rock at a small animal will often kill it, and hunting is born.

2. Hunter Stage 2 is a little more organized.. now the people are hunting for their food and clothing. The basic tools of this stage are the two most easily obtainable objects: rocks and sticks. As the people become more intelligent, they invent such things as the bow and arrow, spears, etc. Coincidentally, this is also the stage in which the minor concept known as ‘war’ first began..

well it isn’t minor.. One day someone gets tired of running after his lunch, and decides to have some fruit, drops the seeds on the ground, comes back next year, and look and behold, a small fruit tree has appeared. He then tries it with other seeds, and gets similar results. Agriculture is born. 3. Agriculture Now, people are really getting smart and organized.

They live in towns and cities. The overall quality of life increases and the time frame is growing shorter, history-wise. New forms of technology are developed to aid in crop yield, and this sparks the next stage.. Industry.

4. Industrial Welcome to the industrial revolution! The general quality of life is more or less acceptable. The cities are larger, days are shorter, and the streets are filthier. As people become more educated, the level of technology increases exponentially, and now there is a new presence on the block..

Curiousity. This curiousity is what makes the next stage so involved. When people are driven to exploration, they discover better technology. Thusly, we enter the Technological stage.

5. Technological This stage has 3 levels: A. Level 1, Exploration and utilization of an entire planet’s resources. B. Level 2, is the exploration and utilization of a solar system’s resources. C.

Level 3, the exploration and utilization of a galaxy’s resources. 6. Divinical Well, after we conquer the galaxy, so to speak, we have the rest of the universe to explore. As this is the final stage of all evolution, there are few, if any, limits to potential, in the sense that when we acheive this, we’ll be able to do virtually anything. This stage can also be called Godhood.

B. EXPLANATION OF GODHOOD 1. Speculation What we know as “God” could be simply a race of beings that completed their evolutionary process, and ‘seeded’ and/or terraformed suitable worlds with life, as an appears to have been partially successful in our case, if in fact that is what really occurred. We will never know, but our descendants might. Is that our Destiny? It is a bright future indeed.

“I gotta wear shades..” If any, limits to potential, in the sense that when we acheive this, we’ll be able to do virtually anthing.

The Possible Future Of Mankind essay

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