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Research: How Does the Absence of Parents Affect?

Updated August 26, 2022

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Research: How Does the Absence of Parents Affect? essay

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The proposed research study aims to discover how the absence of parents as Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) in households affects the academic performance of students in school. The study seeks to determine the following:

  1. What are the reasons of behavioral changes of having OFW parents that can affect a students’ academic performance in school?
  2. How students’ overcome their academic performance in school whenever their parents are away?
  3. When parents are away is there a positive or negative effect to students’ academic performance?

The results of this study will greatly benefit the following:


Because they will become much aware of the effects of OFW parents to their academic performance in school and will take note of how they can overcome their academic performance in school.


This will prevent the parents and find ways to alleviate reasons of why the behavior of their children are like that. In order to help their children overcome its effects on their academic performance in school.


Because they can now determine who among his or her students possibly passes such behavioral changes whenever their parents are working abroad. They will be able to help and encourage the students to participate and to put their concentration on their studies.


The school and staffs will benefit from the study for they will know and be aware why some students get low grades or even fail in class and have an inactive participation on activities and paper works on every subject. This study will help the school in formulating programs to solve and alleviate effects of existing problems.


The researchers could also gain advantages as they engage in their research such learning and generalization that they have formulated.

They will know how students’ academic performance is affected by how they cope with it at home and how students’ overcome the existing problems. They will be an instrument in sharing this knowledge to others most especially on the youths on their society who is experiencing the effects of the said problem.

Research: How Does the Absence of Parents Affect? essay

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