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The Worlds Greatest Gandus

Updated November 1, 2018

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The Worlds Greatest Gandus essay

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The World’s Greatest Gandu’s dear readers the essay i am writing about is that the world’s greatest gandu’s history. the gandu’s lies in almost every part of the world and u can find gandu mostly of indian race the world gandu is basically from the the language hindi and urdu means a big There are lots of gandu’s in the world.

the young people are mostly called gandu and they really deserve beacuse of their irrelevent attitude and the other person suppose to call them gandu. as i can give u example of some biggest gandu’s i have seen in the world in which the top rank gandu is the zardari gandu and i think he should deserve the first rank in gandu because the things he used to do i.e …girls and lot of other stuff like that. some people also used to called gandu because of their harami pun (in urdu) the other gandu i seen is the fahd gandu he is the second greatest gandu of the world i gave him the name gandu because of his sick attitude. the third greatest gandu is the sajid mota gandu who struggle alot to become a gandu before that he was the person of good attitude and he used to be called a good boy in his hometown and school.

as he became to become mota and going out of his home he became the gandu person and started doing ganduism in his school with his friends he start. as he got worst in ganduism his friend used to call him gandu and his name become lalli gandu. this name proposed by one of his good friend who always told him not to do the ganduism and always be at distance from it but lalli ganu didn’t understand that. Bibliography the world book of gandu’s 2000-2001 copy right Supernatural Issues.

The Worlds Greatest Gandus essay

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