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There are many kinds of risks in daily life

Updated September 15, 2022

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There are many kinds of risks in daily life essay

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Morrison (2013) defined the workplace risk in occupational health and safety is that ‘any source of potential damage, harm or adverse health effects on something or someone’. Whereafter, Kyle W. Morrison (2013) listed the 7 most common workplace safety hazards, including working at height, poor housekeeping, falling, lifting, chemicals, vision hazards and confined spaces. The reason that predicate these 7 workplace risks as the most common hazards is that Kyle W. Morrison (2013) works at consulting team from National Safety Council(NEC), which responses for safe auditing in the worldwide workplace.

Thus, a consulter from NEC, JoAnn Dankert (2010), found out endless risk in the workplace, and carried the classification. The one of the most dangerous risk is working at height. Nowadays, high-altitude operations have become the one of the most common jobs. However, its salary is proportional to the injury rate, which means working at heights is very dangerous. According to the data, the damage rate of falling from heights reached 3.4% among 100,000 people, the death rate increased 0.18% year by year during 2011-2014. (2015) There is a column diagram shows the injuries due to fall from heights.

(Ontario ministry of labour, 2016). For this purpose, JoAnn Dankert (2010) analyzed most of injuries were coursed by a lack of understanding of the standard of working ta heights. Employers do not realize they must provide falling protection, or they even do not get the permit of construction. Therefore, JoAnn Dankert (2010) said that all of employees need to training before working, and employers have to give the full protection, such as safety ropes.

Additionally, the death rate decreased 14% in 2015 when scaffolding was inspected strictly. (Ontario ministry of labour, 2016) Along this ling of consideration, JoAnn Dankert (2010) gave some valuable suggestion. But before that, she described a case which occur recently. A manufacturing facility installed a new 12-foot-tall refrigerator, employee worked without any protection when she visited. JoAnn Dankert (2010) asked stop continuing. To compare the old refrigerator, it completely followed the protection requirement.

Therefore, she gave the advice as following: 1. Employees need to have a self-protection awareness. Sometimes proficiency is not equal to safety, so employee have to ware the protective equipment, and make sure work at the secure workplace. 2. Employers have to have a written fall protection process, in order to train the employees. 3. Employers have to audit rigidly the worksites, follow the requirement construction strictly. Put the occupational safety at the first part.

There are many kinds of risks in daily life essay

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