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Analysis of the Lyrics of the Rap Song “Stan” by Eminem

Updated August 12, 2022

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Analysis of the Lyrics of the Rap Song “Stan” by Eminem essay

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This is an essay of the rap song ‘Stan’ by Eminem. I will, by way of analysing it’s lyrics, show the consequences of idol-worshiping and how the feeling of affinity could drive a fan to delusion. As the song begins, the chorus sets us in a rather gloomy mood. We perceive Stan as melancholic and negative towards good that might come his way. However, he finds comfort in remembrance of his idol. ( Andersson and Ernst, Streams in Literature, 2007, p.55 )

Eminems usage of rhymes, yet maintaining the relaxed tone of a fan letter, is needless to say praiseworthy. It is also notable how the profanities strengthen the imagery nonetheless. The climate of exaggeration found in Stans admiration is without a doubt ambiguous. The rhyme, “posters and pictures”, symbolizes a sense of glorification, and the word ‘man’ attain that self-assertive buddy-buddy touch.

Eventually Stan gets frustrated due to no response. With good judgment one may say Stans behaviour is alarming. Hence we are acquainted with Stan’s own world. He has put his idol on a pedestal high enough for his state of mind to be affected.

To illustrate this we have the rhyme ” when I have a shitty day, I drift away”. Moreover Stan’s obsession is affirmed considering he tattooed Eminems name on his chest. In this on line we can easily comprehend Stan’s view of his idol: ” see everything you say is real…” This is where we first come across our point in question. In all due fairness, I would draw a line between being a fan of a person’s work, or just of a person. Obviously Stan correlates his own past with Eminem, he goes overboard in expressing his admiration and thus ends up relying on his idol.

For instance he not only says: “…see I’m just like you in a way”, but he also proclaims: ” I love you Slim, we coulda been together, think about it “. The stated above proves itself in the Stans last letter: ” …you coulda rescued me from drowning now it’s too late – I’m on a 1000 downers now, I’m drowsy”.

Knowing that his idol could not live up to his expectations, Stan commits suicide. He expresses “1000 downers”, i.e tranquilizers, which could as a double meaning be meant for great disappointment. In addition to that, “drowsy” may be translated as if his main source of positive energy is relinquished. The two characters portrayed in the text attest to the issue at hand.

In his response Eminem confesses that he is in reality only acting upon an image. It may lend a hand to regard the language in the text.By using a word such as “counseling”, Eminem is perceived as a quite sensible person. ( Andersson and Ernst, Streams in Literature, 2007, p. 58)

Given these facts it is understood Stan is the sole cause of the misfortune: ‘ I say that shit just clownin dogg, c’mon – how fucked up is you?You got some issues Stan, I think you need some counseling” Furthermore, Eminem’s maturity is shown as he writes to Stan: ” I really think you and your girlfriend need each other or maybe you just need to treat her better” To put it briefly Eminem is rightfully acting in a way expected of an artist. Unfortunately for people like Stan, who is unstable and codependent.

Analysis of the Lyrics of the Rap Song “Stan” by Eminem essay

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