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Adequacy of Teaching Materials Used in Teaching Tle

Updated June 30, 2022

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Adequacy of Teaching Materials Used in Teaching Tle essay

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This study aimed to look at the adequacy of the Instructional Materials used in Teaching TLE. This study revealed that there are many available instructional materials for all the areas in the TLE program and there is enough classroom and space that may utilize for the placement of instructional tools, machine and equipments. There is an inadequate instructional material in the relation to the number of students that are enrolled are shows in the overall mean of this study. The Technology and Livelihood Education is a program that can equips learners with the knowledge and information, skills and process, right work values and life skills in the field of major subjects like Home Economics, Computer Aided Design, Carpentry, Clothing Construction, Electricity and Electronics, Agriculture, Foods and Beverage, Handicrafts, Cosmetology, Home Nursing, Industrial Arts, Agri-Fishery Arts, and Information Communication Technology (ICT), (K to 12 Toolkit). The study used a descriptive research which aim is to find out the adequacy and effectiveness of the instructional materials in teaching the students.

The researchers use the purposive sampling method in choosing the respondents of their study. The result shows that this study may helps to carry out the achievement of the students and this material may suit the needs of the curriculum for the betterment of the course. This article is A Case Study of Two Cameroonian schools. The purpose of their study is to explore the scope and nature of the pedagogic use of ICT, the impact of the use of ICT as a pedagogical tool and enhancing use of ICT in the pedagogy. The research involves a process of surfacing questions and procedures for the data collection.

The study tries to examine the use of ICT as pedagogic in a school system which involves the teaching and the learning process. From the study, it was clear that ICT itself cannot be presented as an added value, but it is needed to build a robust connection between pedagogy and the content to have a good flow of teaching. Teachers may help this study to explore more topics and concepts and it may enhance and influence the teaching and learning process of the users. According to the finding of this study, it can be concluded that the use of pedagogic in ICT has been influence by the availability of the tool, duration of the lessons, physical class structure, the students and teachers attitude, teacher´s own knowledge, class´s cultural diversity, student socio-economic conditions, school leadership style, community perception about ICT.

The contents of the research were very useful as guide for the future educators that may use in the field of teaching. This paper reports was a collaborative program to support subject teaching and learning, using various forms of computer-based of ICT. In this study the rhetoric of transformation were compare with classroom reality – in terms of the pedagogic strategies emerging for the use of technology in secondary subject teaching. The study was achieved through analysis across a set of in-depth classroom case studies, carried out in partnership with teachers researching and developing their own practice, across a range of curriculum subjects. The introduction of ICT can act as a catalyst in stimulating teachers and pupils to work in new ways for the better flow of the discussion. Teachers should be engage in discussions about pedagogy to encourage them to clarify and re-examine their views in the light of using technology.

According to the result, the greater accessibility of children’s thinking and understanding arising through discussion, interpretation and evaluation when interactive technologies are used the assessment might capitalize. This study can increase the level of interaction and willingness of the students accordingly. This research appears as regulating agents with a formative influence on the educational process in teaching and learning strategies. In the course of the vocational-pedagogical research adapted the version for students at secondary vocational schools was used. In the questionnaire, the students chose the one of four independent statements as well as the least typical of them, and then they had to order the four statements into a hierarchy.

After the completion of the questionnaire, the students immediately received an assessment and an interpretation of the results, which is largely contributed to the development of their own self-evaluation and the formation of their self-image. The learning strategy of this research is to be interpreted as a complex system of procedures where methods, forms and means are united in an organic relationship. The particular preferred patterns of learning strategies are typical of the individual are interpreted as learning style. This study can make the education system a very good idea in the area of teaching. The population for the study comprised all students that are undergoing industrial program. The only instrument that they used in the study was the questionnaire.

Two research questions and one null hypothesis where posed and tested for the study. The Findings of the study imply that, the workshop spaces should be inadequate, teachers in both institutions are do not use instructional materials always, and teachers do not select and use the most appropriate techniques in terms of lesson delivery. Based on the findings, some recommendations were made. The study of this nature can help teachers of technology or education programs to discover those kinds of attributes which the students, the school, the government and the society at large look out for in them. The students may also enable to appreciate what they should do to help the technical teachers so that they can help them in their studies. There were some of the factors or characteristics that both institutions were found to have exhibited below the expectations.

The performance of students and the institutions would be greatly enhanced and develop if the teachers would do well the exhibit for all the factors or characteristics. Through this study, the students will be more focus and productive on their studies. The purpose of this study was to investigate what are the factors might be affecting the changing process in achieving an optimum at the 21st century teaching of Home Economics in the Philippines, with ICT as a contributing factor in the teaching and learning process. This study is an exploratory investigation and is descriptive in nature.

The purpose of this study is to explore, analyze and evaluate the success of the curriculum in Home Economics program of Hong Kong where it is well-known for its excellence in terms of education. ICTs can be used to improve the quality of the learning of the students. They can promote the motivation of the learner, mastery of basic concepts, and the development of the higher order thinking and lifelong learning skills. The school systems and the teachers must collaborate to pursue the technology integration at the highest level where innovative technology based will approaches that the teaching and learning are highly valued and integrated in the total learning of an individual. This study may enhance the relationship of the teachers to the system of the school in terms of the curriculum that will be using to achieve the main factor of the teaching and learning process.

This paper investigates the perceptions of the teachers’ and students’ concerning on the impact of using tablet devices for teaching and learning purposes. This research conducted an explorative focus group study between the teachers and the students. This study shows the general finding that the use of tablet devices has an impact on both teaching and learning practices in the classroom setting. The study confirms that in perception on any educational innovation and practical innovation will influence and the teachers are the key to the success of the implementation of the technology in the schools.

In this study, the teaching strategy are aligned in the year of today which is the 21st century learner, the students can easily adopt it because of the influence of media in the society. The purpose of this study is to improve the quality of education. This research uses the correlation of the communication between the teachers, students and the discussions and some questions. The process of communicating is for the deepening and development of students’ professional knowledge for the good interpersonal relationship and harmonious class atmosphere. In this paper, teaching model research is less in independent college specialized course. According to the characteristics it can inspire and can accelerate reform of teaching mode of independent colleges.

This study can help the students to be more independent on their studies and can learn in their own. The purpose of this study is to develop the foundation of teaching skills to effectively address to the students behavior and academic in the classroom. This study use table to summarize the demographic information of the teacher. The research questions of the study are addressed for using multiple baseline design across the target skill. In overall, the teachers improved proficiency with the target skills as indicated in their performance on the TLE training assessment.

The result of this study indicates that all teachers improved their delivery and TLE is a promising tool for providing the foundation of teaching skills. The study shows that the teaching strategies of these teachers are approved in the field of Technology and Livelihood Education program.

Adequacy of Teaching Materials Used in Teaching Tle essay

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