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Three Wishes

Updated November 1, 2018

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Three Wishes essay

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Three Wishes On an island, surrounded by miles and miles of water with no outside civilization to be found anywhere, lived four college kids: Chrissy Wood, Janet Snow, Jack Kline, and Larry Ritter. How they got there you ask? Heres how.

One day Chrissy and Janet went out shopping to Bloomingdales. They went out on a shopping spree since Janets dad, a successful, wealthy lawyer, won the trial of the century. They received 3,000 dollars to spend each! So they bought every thing that they wanted. While passing the inventory room Chrissy stopped and saw a dusty, old looking lamp that she had to have. Janet told her to hurry because the store was about to close. She grabbed the lamp and headed to the checkout counter.

Meanwhile Jack and Larry where out at a Knicks game rooting for their team. At the end of the game the Knicks won 102 to 88. They headed back to their apartments and talked about the game. The apartment was decent looking, a three-piece living room set, 32 color television set, a nice kitchen, two bedrooms, and one bathroom. Larry and Jack were roommates same goes for Janet and Chrissy, only difference is that Janet and Chrissys apartment was cleaner, a touch bit larger, and their furniture was more recent.

Janet and Chrissy went to their apartment and put down all of their bags. Jack and Larry came in without knocking. Ever heard of knocking? Janet asked. No! Larry replied. What did you two doves buy? Jack questioned. Half of Bloomingdales! Chrissy said.

Larry, come help me put this stuff away. Janet said. Yes mother He said sarcastically Now! Janet commanded as she went inside her room followed by Larry. Dont I get a hi or something? Jack said.

Okay! But first I want to show you something I got. Chrissy said as she dug into her bag looking for the lamp. Tada! Jack got a what-is-that look on his face and said, Thats nice? Yes it is! But its all dusty! Here, let me help you clean it Chrissy and Jack both wiped it clean with their sleeves. Out of the little sprout, smoke shot out as Chrissy and Jack both shrieked, causing Larry and Janet to come see. A purple genie wearing old-fashioned looking pants appeared. He agreed to give the Chrissy and Jack three wishes.

First Chrissy let Janet and Larry get her wish. They both wished that they had 1,000 dollars in pocket money and Jack wished to be the worlds greatest chef. Now there was one wish left so every one, but Chrissy started arguing. I want us never to be bothered by anyone and that we all lived somewhere nice and peaceful and happy with the stuff that we already have Chrissy whispered to the genie. Wish number three granted! Thats how they got on the island, their apartment and furniture too.

At least Chrissys happy! Creative Writing.

Three Wishes essay

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