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To Kill A Mockingbird Summary

Updated November 1, 2018

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To Kill A Mockingbird Summary essay

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Atticus is flimsy and feeble…

That is what Scout Finch, the narrator of To Kill A Mockingbird thought about her father, she was wrong. Atticus is kind, wise, and seeks the truth. I will prove all these to you in the following paragraphs. Atticus is smart. He is wise to teach his children good manners, and to be good people. When he tells Jem not to kill a mockingbird because it is a sin to so, or when he tells his children that he doesnt use his intelligence over people to his advantage, he is showing wisdom.

When his children have a question, he has an answer. He is a lawyer, so it is to his advantage to be smart. Like with the Tom Robinson case, he proved Mr.Ewell to be a bad witness. He also understands how people think and how to react to them. Atticus seeks the truth in everything, like in the Tom Robinson case.

Even Judge Taylor knew that Tom was innocent, which is why he got Atticus to defend him. Still Atticus sought the truth in the case, even though it was the 1930s and a black mans word was not as good as a white persons word. Atticus believed in Tom. He makes a good lawyer because of this trait of seeking the truth.

Atticus would be kind to everyone. He gives Mayella the title Miss…, and treats her nicer than people usually would. She wasnt comfortable with it, but that is the way he is. Atticus is trying to teach his children to be courteous to everyone, too.

Atticus always thinks of others, too. He was kind to Mrs. Dubose, because she was on morphine. He is also nice to Mrs. Tom Robinson, and the black community. This shows his kindness and thoughtfulness to others.

In the above paragraphs I have proven that Atticus is kind, wise and seeks the truth. Now Scout sees that Atticus isnt flimsy and feeble. She sees that he is strong and wise, and that she and Jem should respect him. Category: English

To Kill A Mockingbird Summary essay

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