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Today has been one of my busiest days

Updated January 17, 2019

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Today has been one of my busiest days essay

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Today has been one of my busiest days.

I have spent a better part of the day on a battlefield, and fortunately, we won the battle. It is an awkward feeling after seeing thousands in a pool of blood. Banquo, my friend, seems undaunted by the war. We were saddling our horses back to King Duncan’s territory. However, a strange thing happened. Three witches appeared to me and seemed to utter somethings regarding my future.

However, it seems impossible because I have never believed in witches. A king? Well, how about Duncan. Does it mean that someone will have to kill him? Maybe, I will have to take the opportunity now that we have a meeting tomorrow and kill him. King Duncan awards me with the title Thane of Cawdor for winning the war. I will have to write a letter to my wife, Lady Macbeth, and inform her to help me in making a wise decision.

I know she has the idea regarding the procedure that I will use to ascend to power. Probably, the visitation by the witches has some implications. Journal Entry #2 My wife has already received the letter. She is aware that the King will be coming tomorrow to celebrate the victory.

I am glad that she has welcomed the idea of killing King Duncan so that I can take over the position. She has portrayed her loyalty, and I will strive not to disappoint her. However, with all the trust I have earned from the king, is it a wise decision to shove the dagger in this man’s chest. I am baffled, but I respect my wife’s choice. We will have to terminate the king in a discreet way that no one will ever suspect.

Lady Macbeth’s encouragement to proceed as planned is overwhelming. We will wait till the King goes to sleep and I will have to stab him on the chest. I will have to set up the bodyguard so that no one will suspect. After all, I will be the king, and the whole kingdom will be mine when all goes well. I cannot wait for tonight. Will I succeed? This murder is the only step that I need to accomplish to be crowned as a King.

Journal Entry #3 It was successful. No one has any leads to the king murder. However, I almost freaked out and messed the whole plan. Thanks to my wife who did not lose hope but encouraged me to pursue the project. She played a significant role by drugging all the servants, and we confirmed everyone was asleep during the incident. I almost disappointed her because of my fears and the weird feelings I had killed one of the most powerful men in the kingdom.

However, the witches assured me that I would be the King, and now I am the King of Scotland. I will never forget this day. The evil secret will forever be between my wife and me. Journal Entry #4 I cannot believe I will have to do this again. Banquo is my friend, but I can never allow anyone to take the crown from me.

I will have to demolish him. I hate to do this, but I have to do whatever it takes to protect my kingship. I will not have to do it myself but delegate the task to the best swordsmen. Anyone threatening my crown must die by the sword.

I need to consult the witches on the way forward regarding the Macduff’s issue. I have found the witches; they told me that Macduff is the bone of contention. He will attempt to snatch the crown but will never be successful. They have just instilled some confidence, and I know that I do not have to be paranoid about anything.

Moreover, they assured me that the kingdom was mine long before I even decided. But I am still afraid of this tyrant, Macduff. Journal Entry #5 Today, I curse the day I met those filthy creatures. They deceived me that the Kingdom of Scotland was mine. How I wish I knew I have been living a charmed life. I regret having killed kind Duncan because of the rigged thoughts that were influenced by these creatures.

I never knew leadership comes with responsibility and it is not a bed of roses. I know I have not been the best king for Scotland, after killing everyone that tried to snatch the throne from me. We have fought in the battlefields and won. Conversely, this is not going to be an easy fight. The confrontation with Macduff has been one of my biggest nightmares since I ascended to power. It is regrettable that what I have worked for in all these years are coming to an end.

Building an empire from the dark forces and seeking their advice. It was not my wish to fail you Scotland. It shall be well.

Today has been one of my busiest days essay

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