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Tom and lily contrasted

Updated June 4, 2019

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Tom and lily contrasted essay

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The Final Everyone in a story is bound to be a dynamic character for it to become more interesting. Samuel, Lily, and Tom were all filling this role as dynamic characters in these two stories.

This essay of the stories Searching for Summer and A Son from America will be analyzed. They will first be explained in how Tom and Lily went to a Ms. Hatchings house, and also will speak of why Samuel went to America. The essay will explain the reasons for coming back and what some of their worries were about. Then last in this essay there will be a part on the similarities of the endings.

In the story Searching for Summer there was a man named Tom and a lady named Lily. They got married and then after that they went to look for a bit of sunshine. They got married and went a little trip to find that sunshine. They drove their scooter to look for this sunshine but on the way it broke down.

It so happens that this scooter broke down in a little town of Molesworth. A man named Mr. Nokes greeted them who you could say came off them as a little different. He was nice enough though to offer a room to them until their scooter got fixed in his little pub that he owned.

Tom and Lily instead found this purse that this lady had left there by an accident and went on to ask Mr. Nokes where bouts they would be able to find the owner. After Mr. Nokes told them where they could find Ms. Hatching’s house they were off to return the purse to this lady. When Tom and Lily finally came to Ms.

Hatchings house where they gave the purse back to her and then Ms. Hatchings Son who was blind offered Tom and Lily to stay with them. Tom and Lily agreed to stay with the Hatchings and when Tom and Lily woke up the next morning they were amazed to see the sun shining high and bright. In A Son from America Samuel went to America at suck a young age because he wanted to make himself a better life then his parents and he also wanted a better life for his parents. He didn’t want to have to go out in the sun every day and work for long days and only have enough to make it by he wanted more.

He went to America under the impression that he will be able to give back to his parents and be able to make there life easier by sending money to them so they wouldn’t have to work anymore and also so he could not have to work very hard either. This is why he is sending them money every month to his parents. Tom and Lily left Ms. Hatching’s house knowing that Mr. Nokes would come looking for them in the woods. So Tom and Lily left and returned to Molesworth and there Mr.

Nokes asked them where they got there tan skin and they told him that they had ran into a friend far away where they were able to see the sun for a little bit. Then they go ton their scooter and drove away never mentioning the sun ever again to anyone. The reason Samuel came back to his parent’s town is because he had been away from his family for a long time and wanted to check up on them. I believe that it had to be more then twenty years ago when he saw his parents.

He went to his parents home thinking that they would be relaxing and enjoying life and not working and working for someone else and having to do those things normal people would have to do to survive. When Samuel got home they were so surprised because the letter that he had sent to them had never got there and so they had no idea that Samuel was coming home to visit. The similarities of Searching For Summer and A Son From America are that in the Tom and Lily in Searching For Summer went on a trip to find a little sunshine to bless their marriage. This of course posed problems on the way to finding some of this sunshine.

They had a faulty scooter and they had to return a purse to a sweet old Ms. Hatching that live in the middle of god knows where. So in the end Tom and Lily went threw a lot just to get a glimpse of the sun. In A Son from America Samuel left his parents house ant a very young age and must have been difficult to blend in with a whole new life style and doing it by yourself is remarkable. He obviously though in the end had accomplished what he wanted to in the end which is make a lot of money and share it with his mother and father. In both stories there is a point where they are meaning to do something that means a great deal to them.

In Searching for Summer Tom and Lily return a purse and lie to Mr. Nokes in order to keep their sunshine paradise a secret. In A Son from America Samuel wants to come home and see how his parents are doing and he wants also check up on them. In both stories there is a happy ending and everything works out for the dynamic characters. Samuel saw his parents were doing well even without the money and Tom and Lily got to see the sun that they had searched for. In the end both stories and there dynamic characters got to accomplish there goals that they had sent out to do and they both had there way of making themselves happy in the end and all satisfied with the accomplishments.

Searching for summer and son from america

Tom and lily contrasted essay

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