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Touch Football Is Its Characteristic

Updated August 12, 2022

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Touch Football Is Its Characteristic essay

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Touch football is a sport that consists of having six players on the field per team. It involves great amounts of participation and inclusiveness for everyone as it is a fast and non-stop running game. It is a sport where skills are developed easily with practice and after playing the game over and over.

It is fluently run if the people playing can work well as a team and play accurately while constantly moving back and forth. There are only three positions in touch football that include centers, links and wings. Each position uses different energy systems which is what I will be covering in this report along with important fitness training and fitness components, I will be looking at the Centre and wing positions. Fitness components and testing Fitness plays an important role in touch football as the game is non-stop running the ball up the field to try to score a touchdown on offence, and on defence getting back quickly on side after making a touch.

The fitness components that play a role in touch football include cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, flexibility, muscular strength, agility, speed, balance and coordination (studymoose, 2016).  The centre players have the main role in the sport and tend to do much more running than the other positions.

One main component that a centre would need is cardiovascular endurance to have the capability to keep running continuously as they are the ones with the biggest workload carrying the ball forward on offence, and on defence making a touch and getting back onside over and over. Another main fitness component that a centre player would need is muscular endurance. This is the capability to repeat a sequence of muscle contractions without getting tired. This also covers running the ball up, quick dumps of the ball and running back and forth in defence.

The last component is agility which is also involved in the other positions. Agility is the ability to transition between body position quickly which for a centre, means that they can take a touch and quickly dump the ball giving the acting half an opportunity to move the ball up the field with the other team offside. Wing Unlike the centre, the wing players aren’t running very often but are using more explosive energy.

They are usually the fastest people in the team as they are the players to normally perform a touchdown by running as fast as they can and outrunning the opposition in the final play before the turnover. A main component of fitness that a wing would need is speed, this is key for running the ball to the end zone without being touched.

Another component for the position would be coordination/balance, the capability to keep in control of your bodies movements. This is a key factor in the wing position for dodging opposition players and having to stop suddenly in certain occasions. The final fitness component in the wing position is agility, like in the centre position. For a wing player, this means that they can receive the ball and quickly change body direction to slip through a gap in the defence, allowing an opportunity to score a touchdown.

Touch Football Is Its Characteristic essay

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