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Updated June 21, 2019

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Kristine Bartasavich My first day of Childbirth Education class was January 17th. The teacher first started out the class with any questions we had. Question such as if there is any other calcium supplements you could take instead of drinking milk like viactive.

She also asked how we were feeling at that point in our pregnancy. A lot of people had the same feeling; they were scared about the labor. After we all talked she should us a video of women giving birth. During the video we saw woman who had their waters broken by a tool that looked like a crochet nettle. Another had an internal monitor were a wire was put onto the babies head to keep a better track of the heart rate. As we watch the teacher passed around the things that were being used in the video.

During my second day of class we learn breathing techniques and the option of anesthesia. We first learn the deep breathing technique that would relaxes us during our contractions. The deep breathing is breathing in through your nose and letting it out slowly through your mouth. When contractions begin and end we are supposed to take a deep cleansing breath witch is like deep breathing but breathing out normally at the end.

We also learned high chest breathing where you take a cleaning breath if you have time inhale, then exhale as you say “Hout”. Are partners also learned how to help relax us by talking to each other and eye contact or by a massage. If the breathing dose not help and are at lest 6cm dilated then you can get Anesthesia witch is inserted into the back with a large nettle. A tube is taped to your back and anesthesia is injected into it through out your labor to num the lower half of you. For our third class we learned about cesarean birth.

This only takes place if the mother or baby are going to be harmed and could die. An incision is made through the wall of the abdomen and the uterus. Then baby is then removed along with the placenta. Then the incision is closed and you are taking to a recovery room.

After having a cessation you usually stay in bed 6 to 8 hours after surgery and you will be given pain medication. When you have a cesarean birth you are in the hospital longer and need more rest then a woman who delivered vaginally. After the teacher told us about a cesarean birth with watch a video of a cesarean birth.

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