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My On Nakeboarding Skills

Updated September 22, 2022

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My On Nakeboarding Skills essay

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Have you ever been Wakeboarding? I have, my first time was last summer. My friend Matt asked me if I wanted to go wakeboarding with him and I said yes. I had never tried it before so of course I was nervous, but extremely excited at the same time. Matt said he would teach me, he had a lot of confidence in me that I would get the hang of it pretty fast. So I drove over to Matt’s house nervous with excitement, the boat sitting in his driveway latched to his step dads maroon Chevy Silverado. We all hopped in the truck and then we were off to Kitsap Lake. We arrived at Kitsap Lake about noon or one and we loaded the boat into the water. We loaded all the towels, life vest, and of course the wakeboard into the boat. The weather wasn’t the best, it actually started to rain. Later into the afternoon it started to become sunny.

Mike, Matt’s step dad, was trying to explain to me how to get up, and so was Matt. Then Matt decided to make it interesting with a bet. He said if I made it up on my third try he would give me $10. So Matt went first so I could see how it was done, Mike would kind of explain to me what Matt was doing, so I would know what to do when I got out there. Matt was really good, he totally knew what he was doing out there. I was actually kind of surprised. Then after Matt was out there for a while, it was finally my turn. I put the freezing cold life vest on, and slowly slid myself into the water. The waster was a little cold. As I struggled to get my feet into the bindings of the wakeboard I realized I was about to do this. Nervousness shot through my body like a lightning bolt.

I held on to the rope tightly and told Mike to “hit it”. With all my strength I tried to pull myself up, and ended up face first in the water, then was dragged about 5 feet before realizing I needed to let go. I tried again and hit the water. On my third try I did everything right, I got up! A rush of energy and adrenaline surged through my body. It was awesome, it felt so great and I got $10 out of it.

The next day, was I sore, we were out there for about 3 hours. It works a lot of muscles in your body, but no matter how sore I was, it wasn’t going to keep me from doing it again. Matt and I started going out there a lot, and I loved every second of it. Matt and I have a lot of good stories about wakeboarding. This one time our friend Ryan came with us, and he had never wake boarded before, watching him try and get up was the funniest thing to watch. Matt and I were laughing so hard. Another time my bathing suit bottoms came down, that was embarrassing. After that I always wore board shorts. To sum it all up I just fell in love with wakeboarding, its one of the coolest sports you can try. So if you ever get a chance I highly recommend you try wakeboarding. You might drag your face on the water a few times but its all worth it in the end.

My On Nakeboarding Skills essay

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