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Watching movie is my favorite pastime

Updated January 17, 2019

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Watching movie is my favorite pastime essay

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Watching movie is my favorite pastime. Harry Potter is one of my favorite movies. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was release in November, 2001. Harry Potter movie is base on J.K.

Rowlings series of novels about a young wizard and his years at Hogwarts School of Wizarding, it has become one of the most successful children’s book series of all time. When Voldemort comes to kill Harry Potter, Harry against hard to be win. His bestfriend helped him until they comes to chaotic, but they still hold out. With his witchcraft power, his friends help, and their corageous, voldemort got lost. From the story, i learn something about love, friendship, against everything bad, with our courageous and our heart and soul. That’s why this movie becoming my favourite ever, because the story is touching, even it’s just a fiction story.

But it doesn’t mind, because we get everything in this movie, the great adventure, and the philosophy of this movie, definitely Harry Potter is my favourite.

Watching movie is my favorite pastime essay

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