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Website Analysis

Updated April 23, 2019

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Website Analysis essay

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Website Analysis The Rhode Island Department of the Attorney General’ s Website is very easily accessed through any Internet provider.

The domain address for this site is Http:// This site was just uploaded in June when Sheldon Whitehouse took office. The site was completely re designed. When the home page is opened, the background is a soft white. The logo for the attorney generals office is a banner across the top of the page. The page shows a small picture of the Sheldon Whitehouse, the attorney general of Rhode Island.

The site links are on the left side of the page. These links are broken-down into three categories: The Department, Divisions, and Public Information. Current news is down the right side. Under neither the picture of Sheldon Whitehouse are some other bulleted links. Below that is a contact line that encourages questions and comments.

Along the bottom of the page is a navigation bar that gives the user access to any of the links along the left side of the page. Graphics and Design The home page is has a classic WebPages design. The two graphics on the page do the best to not draw away from the overall purpose of the page. The graphics are subtle enough but give it a nice change of pace, other than just text.

The design after this is the same on every page. The text or information is on the left and the links are on the right of the page. The links are organized in a block navigation bar. The categories are titled in white with a blue background. The individual links are in black with a yellow background. The navigation box is very user friendly and they work.

All of the other information on the page is links also. They are linked in blue hypertext. All information on the home page is linked to articles with more information once selected. Along the left side is the current news.

All of the links that are attached to the homepage are design with the same plain white background and have the logo across the top of the page. The links are placed in the same spot. The link turns red when you are actively on that page. And all have the navigation bar at the bottom of the page.

The linked pages are mostly text. There only two other pages with graphic these are the linked pages call organizational chart and the Tour of the departments. Content The content of the page is mostly geared toward giving people general information about the office of the Rhode Island Attorney general. The sites content is broken-down into three parts.

First the Department, this links pages about Sheldon Whitehouse, the mission, past history, a tour of the department, and an organizational chart. The next part is Divisions; this has links to the four divisions of the office of the Attorney General. These divisions are the Executive, Adminstrative, Criminal, and Civil Divisions. Also has a link to their Policy and Prevention.

The last grouping is the Public Information section. The section has links to the Public Information office, Press Releases, and Access to public records. The links also include the Open Meeting Act and Advisory opinions. These links can be accessed from any page on the website.

Other links include the Bureau of Criminal investigation, Consumer Information, Domestic Violence, Senior protection, Victim/Witness Assistance, Law enforcement and Judicial links. The Content also includes Press releases of current news and complaints. Ergonomics This site has above average ergonomics, especial for a fairly new site. The site is easily navigated through. Each Link is clearly stated what you are accessing when you click on each individual link. When one clicks a link the page is brought up promptly.

The user is given the option to navigate to any page when one selects a page. The home link is always at the top of the page. The user will have an easy time moving through the site quick and smoothly. Interactivity The site does not have much interactivity.

The only interactivity the site suggests is a contact link that contacts the user directly to the site’s e-mail address. The email address to the site . I did contact the host. An administrator Jim Martin answered my email.

The email was answer within two hours of being sent. I personally was very impressed with this. My own personal experience is that if the system does not send you a generic message every time you email them, the response time is much long than this. There is no real need for interactivity in a site of this type. Target Audience The target audience is any one who is looking for information, help or policies of the Attorney General office. These site is well suited for the target audience the sight is well update with news and press releases.

The target audience should be happy with the information on the site. Suggestions Over all I felt the site was well design. I feel the sight could use more graphics on the home page. The background could be changed to a dark and more professional looking. The Content is strong and plentiful.

I would try to install a type of search to be able to sort through past press releases and complaints. The ergonomics are above average. I would try to add a scrolling topic menu that shows the last news on every page so if a user is looking through a topic one may click on an article they missed earlier in the site. Also add related topic links to each page that they would pertain to. I would hesitant to add interactivity, in fear of making the site look unprofessional.

Website Analysis essay

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