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When I arrived here in New Zealand

Updated January 17, 2019

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When I arrived here in New Zealand essay

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When I arrived here in New Zealand, it caught my attention about how the country promotes the Flu vaccine. Then, I realized as a health care professional if I can be a vaccinator and explore the immunization conditions in this country, I could provide optimum level of care to all my patients and even to the members of the community, with my knowledge I can promote health.

Vaccination has been known in preventing the morbidity and mortality rate of almost half of the global population. During the conference, they have tackled about the basics first, such as the vaccine preventable diseases and the immune system physiology. Both topics serves as a good refresher to all the participants. Then, they discussed the legislation, standards and authorisation behind being a vaccinator.

All of which I held as one of the significant matters especially from someone who is not from here. Then lastly, we talked over the National Immunisation Schedule, storage, handling of vaccines and how to improve the immunisation coverage. This 2 day immunisation course, helped me become a better nurse to all my patients by promoting the vaccines available in the community they are eligible to access. A better friend to individuals within the country that are unaware of the benefits and the kind of support the Government has with regards to the protection they offer in terms of vaccination to the most vulnerable. And a role model to my colleagues as I have shared my knowledge and skills in handling the vaccines appropriately up to the point of successful administration, ensuring that the patient’s safety. I have also highlighted to my colleagues the significance in maintaining the viability of the vaccine of which how the storage accepted temperature needs to be upheld.

All of these impacted so much on the quality of care I deliver to my patients as a nurse.

When I arrived here in New Zealand essay

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