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When people read the play Macbeth

Updated January 17, 2019

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When people read the play Macbeth essay

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When people read the play Macbeth , they will see an evil character who is full of dark thoughts, guilts which are infecting the human soul and bringing it all the intrigue, madness and torment power. The ambition of power was the beginning of this man, he was blind with thoughts of becoming a king, betraying the King Duncan, killing him to follow the prophecies that three witches have predicted.

Ambition drains the love of the lord taking Macbeth to a series of tragedies that led to the deaths of so many lives. When Macbeth was officially bogged down in the tragedy that he himself had created. Power is always dangerous. It leads to the bad decisions, guides into the wrong path, ruin the best values. Macbeth is blind by the prophecies and incitements. I did not expect that the man who the King Duncan trusts, appreciates his braveness and loyalty the most will kill his master.

Another point that I want to mention that Lady Macbeth has an impact on Macbeth. The main character was not sure whether he should kill the King or not. He knew it was not right to have these thoughts, but his wife was more ambitious, she manipulated and convinced him to make a crime by saying: «What beast was ‘t, then,?

When people read the play Macbeth essay

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