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White Fang

Updated September 26, 2022

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White Fang essay

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My book report is on White Fang by Jack London. There are 152 pages in this book. The author writes about struggles White Fang, the main character, encounters throughout his life. Set in the Northern Wild, Jack Londons main conflict in this story is man versus nature. He also parallels the conflicts of survival of the fittest of wild animals to the survival of the fittest with humans. The story begins with two men, Bill and Henry, who are in the wildness of the north. Their dogs disappear as they are lured away by a female wolf and eaten by the rest of the pack. With only three bullets left, Bill uses them trying to save one of their dogs. However, he misses the wolf and is eaten along with the dog. Henry and two dogs are all that remains. He builds a fire around himself and the dogs to attempt to keep the wolves away. The starving wolves go through the fire to eat the two remaining dogs and Henry. Eventually, some men who are traveling through the wilderness save Henry. The wolves are in the midst of a famine. They continue their search for food. The pack is lead by several wolves along with the she-wolf. When the pack comes across a bull elk and all have eaten their fill, the pack splits up. The she-wolf, which is actually half wolf and half dog, mates with one of the wolves and has a litter of pups.

Only one survives. As several more famines and a rough life in the Northern-Wild, he grows up strong and feisty. The pup and his mother come to an Indian village where the she-wolfs master is. He catches her and White Fang stays close to her side. She is sold to another Indian and White Fang stays with Gray Beaver. He is White Fangs first master. He shows no affection for the dog. White Fang bonds to him out of respect. The other dogs in the village terrorize White Fang, especially one named Lip-Lip. White Fang continually fights Lip-Lip until he becomes leader of the pack. White Fang becomes more and more vicious. He is encouraged by his master to kill other dogs. Gray Beaver goes to Fort Yukon to trade and discovers whiskey. Only then is he willing to sell the dog. Beauty Smith then becomes the new owner of White Fang.

White Fang fights other dogs until he meets his match with a bulldog and is saved by a man named Scott. Weeden Scott tames White Fang and takes him back to California with him. There White Fang learns to love his master and his masters family. They too love White Fang. Especially after White Fang saves Judge Scott, Weedens father, from Jim Hall. Jim Hall is a convict who escaped from prison. He tries to take out his vengeance on Judge Scott, but is attacked by White Fang. Judge Scott the calls the dog blessed dog for saving his life. Eventually White Fang has puppies with a sheep dog named Collie and lives a happy life.

White Fang essay

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