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Why Kids Join Neonazi

Updated November 30, 2019

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Why Kids Join Neonazi essay

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Why Kids Join Neo-Nazi WHY KIDS JOIN NEO-NAZI GANGS In most cases the reason why kids join any gang is the result of trouble at home. If you interview a child from a skinhead gang they came from a family with one or more of the following factors: divorce, separation, physical and or sexual abuse and disfunctional parents. These conditions are further compounded by joblessness, poverty, lack of education, bandage barriers, academic deficiencies and distinctive element from pop culture, such as violent themes in music, television and films.

Many people believe that skinhead come from poor families only bid when kids were interviewed in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland and us confirm that skinhead activity in most cities is now more common in middle and upper middle class neighborhoods than it is in lower income areas. The focus in a gang of the middle and upper middle class neighborhoods is usually the promise of power over family problems, protection from other gang and problems with a boyfriend or power over insecurities. HOW HATE GROWS When a nazi member wants to recruit new teen age en-Nazis they would stand near a school yard. with their shaved scab and bomber jacket evoking images of a powerful and forbidden gang, this would quickly draw a crowd. Following a carefully drafted plan, he and his comrades burred those coons pnespects deeper into the en-Nazi scene.

This group drank, Siam, hunted and shoplifted. For contact sport, they would attack leftists Jewish memorials or the foreigners, depending on personal taste. the leader of the group has prowled police and journalists with unique insights into Germany’s ultra night. His comrades are one of the decade’s most chilling manifestation of European tribalism, a growing nation that blood and ethnicity can serue as a heaven against economic and political uncertainty.

They committed 14,768 assaults between 1991 and 1993 and killed at least 15 people. They tried to kill at least 47 more . The leader and his comrades would tell them things the can do when they are in the gang. When they hear these things they would be eager to join. The new recruits might be invited to go hunting which is something a 14 year old enjoyed.

They would also promise candidates to go to a gun club. Those chosen for the violent route would be taken to practice combat techniques at former East Germany Army shooting grounds. They would also learn the art of bomb making. SHORTAGES OF JOB AND HOUSING CREATE FERTILE GROUNG ROR YOUNG NEO-NAZIS The skinheads have shown terrifying power to unleash violence against foreigners, especially in what was know as East Germany.

There the populace went from Nazi to communist totalitarianism without any democratic interual. Since the umfication there has been economic instability rather than prosperity and has urped out the state subsidizedclubs that used to keep the young off the streets. Since they have nothing to do they turned to random and racially motivated violence. The national government counted 2,074 crimes maturated by hatred of foreigners in 1991 u.s only 246 in 1990.

A Mozambican immigrant was thrown out of a car to his death in Dresden, a Vietnamese was stabbed nearly to death in Teipzig. Some Soviet children who suruiued the Chernobyl nuclear accident and were in a special children’s home in zittau, 150 miles south of Berlin, were assailed by a gang of stone-throwing drunks who shouted, Jews, die. A gang of young NEO-Nazis firebomb a hotel for foreign refugees seeking asylum in Germany Rostock has fallen on hard times. A high unemployment, a deuastatedlocal economy, unresponsive government agencies and a social structure stnigging through the transition from communism to capitalism turned thecity into a powder keg long before the first firebomb smaded into the drab 10 story hotel in the Sichtenhagen neighborhood lastmouth.

The presence of asylim seekers only increased the volatilitythe tension, frustration and fears Social Issues.

Why Kids Join Neonazi essay

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