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witchcraft Argumentative Essay

Updated November 1, 2018

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witchcraft Argumentative Essay essay

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Witchcraft In general witchcraft is sorcery, the magical manipulation of the supernormal forces through the use of spells, and the conjuring or invoking of spirits. Wicca is the most common witchcraft.

During the middle ages and the renaissance, it was defined as evil magic. This is the very reason Joan of Arc was burned at the stake; she was accused of being a witch. Although many think that it is a religion that worships the devil, Wicca does not have anything to do with worshiping the devil or Christianity. The most common form of witchcraft is done with the use of spells. To set a spell, the person doing it will set up an altar/table in which to place the candles and symbols on. The spells consist of words that can either be chanted or inscribed in something.

The candles are used to direct the spell towards a specific purpose, such as: pink-love, white-healing and peace, and black-death. These colors can be used for different meanings; however, these are the standard meanings. There are many other colors out there with their own unique meanings, like if a spell was being set on a person; a candle that was their favorite color could be used. The symbols used consist of charms, pictures, flowers and belongings depending on the spell being set. These symbols must represent the spell and they cannot just be anything done quickly without thought.

For example, if the person were trying to make their friend heal from a sickness a picture of the person or something that represents them would work. Very experienced witches use potions that consist of a complicated formula and weird recipes. Almost anything one could think of could be in a witchs potion, such as bat blood, human blood, eyeballs, herbs, spices, etc. In order to be able to work this magic one must acquire enough knowledge through meditation, and other acts of complete focus and research, others are just born with the natural power. Most people who have this power set spells for the good and others well-being; for, any evil spell one sets will come back on them times three.

This law is called the power of three times three, which must be known before there are any attempts of setting spells. Although this seems like a great and easy thing, it is very dangerous. The words in the spell are taken literally, for instance if your spell was set to make someone leave you alone for good, it could cause the person to die. This is the very reason reverse spells are out there for anyone to see.

One does not have to get a spell out of an ancient witch book; they are all made up whenever the person has complete focus and only the spell on their mind. Since they are made up and all original, one could make anything happen with the right utensils and focus, that being the reason a lot of people fear witches. Everywhere you go there is probably a witch (or someone who practices witchcraft) around, there are many at this very school. There is still a huge controversy over whether or not witchcraft really works.

The best way to find this out for yourself is to try yourself; however, it will only work if enough power has been attained throughout your training. I believe because why would people do it if it did not work, there would be no point.

witchcraft Argumentative Essay essay

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