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Women in Military

Updated June 12, 2019

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Women in Military essay

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Throughout the history of the United States of America, Civil Rights have expanded to include everyone. Many activists have fought for rights, setting precedents to be followed. In 1920, the 19th Amendment granted suffrage to women.

Since then, women have been gradually stepping up on the ladder of success. Everyday more and more opportunities are opening themselves up for women. Because of these changes, we have had to add unheard of words such as congresswoman, policewoman, etc. to the dictionary to keep up with their advancement. The United States military is even inviting women into their ranks. Military Women rising up in status and prestige is a great thing, but there are some things which they cannot do.Women should never be allowed in combat during a war.

Women, physically, are not as capable as men to handle the duties of combat.To enter the United States Military, women are required to do physically less than men. As a man is required 20 pull-ups, a woman is demanded 5 for this very reason. Carrying gear upwards of 100 pounds, soldiers must hike for miles, sometimes at grueling speeds. Most women would be exhausted from this, but the more muscular bodies of men are more resilient and can put up with this treatment.

On a hike or in other situations, bathroom breaks are needed.Most men need much less time than women to use the washroom, which could save them the crucial moments they need to avoid an ambush. In combat, hand-to-hand fighting is almost inevitable. Women in a fistfight have the major disadvantages of more frigid bones, less muscle mass, and weaker joints. Emotionally and mentally, women are less fit for combat. Women share their feelings more than men, and are effected by many different things. Seeing a friend shot and killed would devastate both a man and a woman, but a man is more likely to stay with his platoon and get the job done.

Women, for the most part, are more independent thinkers when it comes to military; men are better at taking orders. What would seem like a suicide mission could be the turning point in a battle. Men would most likely follow the orders, while the women would think about it and be hesitant. Men also take more risks than women, this is proved by car insurance rates. A man is much better mentally and emotionally fit for combat Women should never be let into the military because America is not ready to see their mothers and daughters go to war. During wartime, when the men get drafted to go to war, the women are the backbone of the economy and the major suppliers of the labor in factories.

Young children, with their mothers and fathers drafted, would have no place to go. A husband whos wife gets drafted would eagerly take her place. Sixty year old fathers would also do the same for their daughters. Women nurture our society and do a great job at it. Half of the motivation of the soldiers on the front lines is the women that they left behind.

Women should never be allowed to fight in combat during wartime. Although they are capable of exceeding men in some situations, military battles are a mans job.The fight for equal rights is a fight that must be fought, but there are obvious differences between the two sexes, which need to be taken into account. Men might have their niche in the combat of a war, but women have proved to be the dominant successors of the planning part. Since both sexes have qualities that make them more successful at different things, and many things they are both capable of performing, it is safe to say that men and women are both equal and different.

Women in Military essay

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