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Working at Wendy’s by Joey Franklin

Updated August 13, 2022

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Working at Wendy’s by Joey Franklin essay

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In the story “working at Wendy’s” the author is trying to make a case whereby he is setting aside the pride of someone which is provided in the family. The author is trying to support that argument of pride whereby he recounts the experiences he is seeing from his friends and family members who have seemed to find themselves in such a situations. The author tries to show team work through showing the support to the wife in such a situation.

The wife to Franklin is said to be in her last semester whereby Franklin wants to work tonight so he may look after his son during the day. The author himself who is also a college student, is said to have two semesters way from the graduation during then he plans to do such a job. Here he is trying to show the conflict between the look of the past to the community and also he is doing what is necessary for the family. His attitude to work in the fast food become part of the embarrassment he got. He decided to hide his resume as he pretends to study the menu of the restaurant when a couple enters into the lobby.

Immediately the hiring manager comes in when still the couple is there in the lobby and without any shame he asks Franklin if he is inquiring for the night shift and much more to his chagrin. The author is been to be transparent through how he shows his own self-consciousness through encountering some of various characters. As he started his job at Wendy’s he becomes confronted for he is said to serve his own community. The author is said to have recognized several of his customers for he is said to be living just a few steps away from the restaurant.

Several of them are said to be the parents of his other members of scout troop. He further got an increased fear when he found a well groomed over twenty years man in the bathroom. He is asked by the man if he was capable of working during night shifts then proceeds to ask if Franklin was considerate about the college. The author decided to show his achievements in college but he plans to prevail due to the demeaning perception the man had shown to him. The story also has punctuations with the conversations with the co-workers. It happens through the conversations whereby he introduces the reader to the diversity which is seen in the night shift.

Though Franklin is seen to get along mostly with the staff, he says that he does not like his co-worker Dave for he says that he is rude and also pushy. On the other hand, the author shows the likes of another co-worker by the name Danny who is said to be a high school student. Danny is said to approach the author in a romantic form of a suggestion whereby he is asking his girlfriend, by the name Tonya, to her junior prom. Through this, the author gets suited with him for he says Danny is majoring on the literature of English. This is seen as the first job which Danny had ever done.

After six months in the work he becomes the senior employee whereby he is said to have fully managed the position. The author happens to work also with Sara during that first night who is said to be a single mother with nineteen years and she has a boy who is sixteen months. She tells the author that she had to apply at Wendy’ for she knew that she would be hired. She narrates a story of jail to the author whereby she says she was caught with a heroin which was at her boyfriend’s jacket. She got jailed for a year whereby she told the author that she was released just a month. The author calls his dad to show him that he has got a job in Wendy’s but his dad becomes furious about that.

By thinking that the author’s dad would disconnect the call, his dad is seen to clear the throat and asks the reason as to why he left his computer job. The authors talks of Chelsea whom everyone is looking forward to working with her. She is seen to mostly talk about her mother-in-law whereby she says that her mother-in-law started complaining since when she got engaged. The author says that she talked of her mother-in-law several times when she visited his store. She says that her mother-in-law is very disappointed if she was still at work for she tells her that her kids will be ruined. During the night Waymon Hamilton drives in with his family.

The author says that the man and his family lives just around the corner which Franklin lives. They makes their orders which were meals, several drinks and before leaving they had to ask franklin what he was doing. The author serves them the food and still had to watch them as they were driving away from the restaurant. Waymon is said to be well known as the author states for he is said to be a dedicated father for he is said to work hard in order to provide for the family.

The author talks of his nature as not assuming one and also he has a warm smile which can exactly explain him. The author mentions to have worked with Waymon all day to create a good neighbor whereby he says that he did not knew that Waymon used to play football, for he was only telling Franklin about his boys once they would meet, and also having taught in California. By the end of the story, the author gets to realize that it’s not only the job that define someone but the purpose one puts behind such a job. The author is seen to reach home after he closes the store whereby he takes off the uniform and gets ready to lie into the bed together with his wife. His wife gets near him where she is said to talk of a smell of French fries.

The author together with his wife gets into rest whereby the author knows that he has a job that is paying him a good salary.

Working at Wendy’s by Joey Franklin essay

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