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Updated April 20, 2019

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00 in I decided this is the company I want to invest in, because I have been using for two years. I log on to their web site everyday and have always been successfully connected without any problems. is one of the companies affiliated with NASDAQ. This exchange is utterly unpredictable, put in a second straight day of record gains on Friday March 24, 2000, eradicating the following Friday March 31, 2000 with huge losses and posting the single largest one-day point gain ever. The NASDAQ composite index leaped a whopping 7.19%, or 254 points, closing at 3793.57 points. NASDAQ’s performance was, in part, a spill-over from the relief rally that kicked in on Friday April 7, 2000 after the index plunged a harrowing 11% on Friday April 14, 2000 and ended the week with a 25 percent loss, the sharpest ever for a major U.S. market index.

Internet and biotechnology stocks, which played a big role in the April 14,2000 NASDAQ rally, fueled the momentum on the. NASDAQ’s blue chips, along with its semiconductor and computer-related stocks, contributed heavily to the gains. The popular Internet portal also had a good day, closing up. Though this is not always the case, as you will see in the enclosed charts the loss I had on the last weeks of my stock tracking. is the company I chose to invest $1,000. essay

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