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¨Winning isn´t everything

Updated January 17, 2019

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¨Winning isn´t everything essay

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¨Winning isn´t everything, it´s the only thing.¨ Vince Lombardi, Legendary Green Bay Packers footbal coach, once said that line. This line goes against everything that most other people say.

The quote is incorrect because of self encouragement, you prepare yourself for the future, and encourages self correction. Self encouragement comes out of football, not just winning. If you win all the time then you see it as you will always win in the future. They become susceptible and think that everything could or should be handed to them be handed to them.

If you don´t win then you will be more motivated to strive to do better, and improve. Winning will not prepare you for the future, and they can´t use the excuse that winning gets money, because they get money either way. If it´s drilled into their mind as the only thing that matters is winning, then the will likely think that in the future when they leave football. When they think that the only thing is winning, then they are likely to lose friends, family, and may not even start their own family. If you are constantly winning, then you may see no need to correct yourself.

If they don´t win all the time, then they will probably want to know what they did wrong. That forces them to look back and see what they did wrong, and what they can improve. When you look back it tells you whether you need to focus more or put in more practice. ¨Winning isn´t everything, its the only thing¨ is an incorrect statement.

Winning is certainly not everything.

¨Winning isn´t everything essay

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