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Arsenic Is Not Only a Poison

Updated September 21, 2022

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Arsenic Is Not Only a Poison essay

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Arsenic may appear to be a poisonous element. This is because it is used as a poison for murder both in real life cases and in made up books. But there are a lot of chemical uses for arsenic such as it being a specimen. Arsenic is also known arsenic in French, Arsen in German, arsenico in Italian and arsenico in Spanish.

The atomic number of the element arsenic is 33. The atomic weight is 74.92160(2). Its symbol on the periodic table is As and its electronic configuration is [Ar].3d10.4s2.4p3. Arsenic occurs in two solid modifications: yellow, and gray or metallic. Its color is tin- white which tarnishes to dark gray or black. Its luster is metallic but the tarnish will dull the luster.

The transparency of crystals of arsenic are opaque. Its hardness is 3.4. Its specific gravities are 1.97 and 5.73, respectively. Arsenic is steel gray, very brittle, crystalline, semi-metallic (metalloid) solid. It tarnishes in air, and oxidizes to arsenous oxide when it is heated rapidly. Arsenous oxide has a garlic odor.

Its is associated with the minerals silver, dyscrasite, barite, cinnabar and nickeline. Arsenic seems to be known as poisonous. When you heat arsenic and certain minerals that contains arsenic, it sublimes. Arsenics discoverer was known since ancient times but we do not know when or where it was discovered. The word arsenic roots from the Greek word “arsenikon” meaning “yellow orpiment”.

Arsenics physical data includes its standard state, color, density of solid at ambient temperature/kg m-3, and molar volume per squared centimeter. Arsenic is solid at 298 K in its standard state. Its color is metallic gray and has a density of 5727. Its molar volume per squared centimeter is 12.95.

There is two types of temperatures calculated per K. Its melting point is 1090 per K and its boiling point is 887 per K. Isotopes: The nominal mass of Arsenic is 75As. Its accurate mass is 74.921594(17). It has 100% natural abundance. Arsenic is used in minor ores of arsenic and as mineral specimens.

Arsenic is used in bronzing, pyrotechnic, hardening and improving the sphericity of shot, d as a doping agent in solid-state devices such as transistors. The arsenide is also used as a laser material to convert electricity directly into covalent light. Arsenic, despite its poisonous reputation, it may be a necessary ultratrace element for humans. It is a necessary ultratrace element for red algae, chickens, rats, goats, and pigs.

Arsenic Is Not Only a Poison essay

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