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As a junior congressperson

Updated January 17, 2019

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As a junior congressperson essay

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As a junior congressperson, I would look at all the options, and look for the best way to get safeguard for the citizens.

Think about how to develop a system while guarding the person’s interest and having liabilities for operative members of gambling game casino and how to earn income for the state from this online casino game. There are many advantages to passing a bill like tourism and people also get entertained and be happy. Distributive bargaining is an insistent bargaining policy in which one group gains and other group loses something. Most important in this is information plays a vital role and key to gaining an advantage. Pros: • Data are limited and subjective, but examination shows that the social costs of gambling extinguish its social benefits.

• Through gambling we get government revenues these are spent on schools, roads, etc. • Online gambling is very popular. This game can site for all budgets and the choice of betting and gaming options are different in online and better than offline, and it offers many bonuses and rewards when new people join them. • Through casino tourism also increases and gets tax and profits and it also helps in meeting different people and also having fun with them. Cons: • Gambling can addict by poorer and by the people who cannot bear them and it also addicts few minority people. • Some chance of wretch operative members who are untruthful and the person who bets online have a chance of some confidential data loss.

• It may have some loss who bets online like when he/she will win money it is not necessary to get immediately and it generally takes a long time based on the state they are living. • In gambling sites, there are no transaction fees but banks might. • The state will benefit but there is also an increase in the crime rate. • If some people are addicted and they may skip their work.

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As a junior congressperson essay

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