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Updated January 17, 2019

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Danny Wang Wang 1 Mr. Tkachuk World Literature 5 September 2018 The Count of Monte Cristo The theme of The Count of Monte Cristo is vengeance, forgiveness, and authority. This novel is a book about revenge and forgiveness all in one.

This book starts off with a main character named Edmond Dantes. He is a man that seen the good in people rather they did him wrong or not. He was betrayed during the prime of his life and career by the jealousy of his friends. He wanted to avenge his enemies. He realized at the end forgiveness is the answer, and that revenge just causes tragedy.

During his time in the dungeon he had turned to God. He becomes a very dynamic character throughout the story by transforming himself in to the mysterious and vengeful Count of Monte Cristo. The story starts out with a young man named Edmond Dantes. He is 19 years old man who became captain of a ship named Pharaon. He is an naive man that is in love.

He was to be betrothed to a girl named Mercedes who he’d loved very much but he loves his father most of all. His life was going great until his “friends” betrayed him. He was sent to prison on the 24th of February, 1815 (the day of his wedding with Mercédès) because of him making contact with Napoleon Bonaparte. During his time imprisonment he met Abbe Faria, he became one of Dantes best friends that helped him escape from dungeon and gave him one of the most greatest treasure map.

Abbe is the man who explains to Dantes how he was imprisoned. After that, Dantes realizes he has made a mistake because now he wants revenge. Abbe told Dantes his Wang 2 escape plan and told him about one of the most greatest treasure that is hidden on an island from the Spada family. When Abbe dies, Dantes escape when they throw the body sack into the sea. Later on he met two smugglers that made Dantes one of their crews.

He then looks for the treasure Abbe has told him about. He realizes that with the treasure he can be a very powerful man and will give his enemies their revenge. Dantes went back to Marseilles to look for Mercedes and his father. Jacopo came back with a sad news: Louis Dantes is dead and Mercedes has disappeared. Here Dantes begins his evil plotting against his enemies. He returns as the Count of Monte Cristo so no one will acquire the knowledge of his true identity, Edmond Dantes.

Fernand is jealous of the love Mercedes and Dantes have for each other. Villefort, he learns that Dantes is carrying a letter to Villefort’s father who is a Bonapartist. In fear that this letter might hurt his position, he throws Dantes in the dungeon. Dantes friends; Danglars, Fernand, and Caderousse lie, claiming Dantes was a Bonapartist.

Over a collection of years the Count of Monte Cristo collects the revenge he wants by either killing his enemies, intimidating them so that they can eventually kill themselves, or making them go extremely mad.

Danny Wang Wang 1 Mr essay

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