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Different Dining Experiences

Updated March 28, 2020

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Different Dining Experiences essay

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Different Dining Experiences Matt Smith Smith 1 Comp 1 Oswald Different Dining Experiences It can be very satisfying to sit down in front of a good meal and indulge in eating it. Eating is fun and plays a large role in every day life.

During the preparation there are many choices one must make. What to eat? Where to eat? If one decides to go out, there are many different types of cuisines and restaurants to choose from. Say, for instance, a family wants to go out this Friday night for dinner. They come up with the following choices; a fine Italian restaurant, fine Mexican restaurant, or fine Chinese restaurant. In the process, the family compares the three with the following information. Italian Cuisine Usually, when dining at a fine Italian restaurant the atmosphere and dining experience can be fairly conservative, and is often quiet.

There are romantic candles flickering, accompanied by soft music. The food is very delicious and tends to be a little rich. In most cases, the prices are somewhat expensive. The menu consists of the obvious: spaghetti, lasagna, some seafood dishes, and other meats depending what the specials are. The soup and salad are always served before the meal. The soup is a thin broth, full of tomatoes, celery, kidney beans, garbonzo beans and pasta pieces.

It is common to leave an Italian restaurant feeling a little too full, because the food can be very filling. Mexican Cuisine You may want to research the menu thoroughly before deciding what to eat at a Mexican Restaurant. Everything is flavorful and very different. It tends to be on the spicier side, with dishes consisting of assorted peppers and other spices.

There are dishes made of tortillas. Tortillas are a flat, circular, bread like objects. They are made out of flour and shortening. They can be filled with beans, meat, or cheese. Or your choice of meat or Smith 2 poultry. Often the meat is prepared as a fajita, where the meat, onions and peppers come out on a frying pan, sizzling in the oil in which they were cooked in.

The meat may also be brought out tossed, and wrapped in tortillas. They are filled with other side items such as rice or beans. There is no salad or soup before your meal, but chips and salsa are always customary, and very good as an introductory appetizer while deciding your meal. Mexican food is tasty and authentic.

But remember, there is a real kick to your meal with all those spices! Chinese Cuisine Oriental cuisine is usually very proper and elegant. It is generally quiet inside the restaurant and the authenticity of the dining experience plays an important role in your experience. Most dishes are prepared in a wok and tossed with different sauces. A wok is a large circular frying pan that sits on top of a flame and cooks the food.

There are chicken, beef, egg, vegetable, pork, and shrimp dishes. With some occasional scallops, lobster, or crab chunks thrown in to make up the seafood dishes. It can sometimes be spiced up with Chinese peppers. These are long, skinny dark red peppers, that can be added upon your request to make your dish spicier.

A Chinese meal tends to be a lengthy. Due to the time it takes to prepare the food. The pricing can vary, but in most cases is reasonable. Chinese food is very unique and delicious.

As proven above, the three different types of food are all very unique in their own ways. They all carry certain traits that reveal there individuality. Nevertheless, theyre all delicious, and can be a real treat to anyone with a big appetite. English Essays.

Different Dining Experiences essay

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