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Emily Sims Mrs

Updated January 17, 2019

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Emily Sims Mrs essay

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Emily Sims Mrs. Rodzwicz Block: B Recently, numerous people have been questioning if college is worth the cost. There are people who believe that graduating from college isn’t a major goal for their future because college just isn’t always worth it.

College is a good next step after high school if you want to pursue an intellectually challenging job that will pay well; lawyer, doctor, etc, but for the people who don’t want a job like that, why should they spend all this money and time on a degree when it won’t change the outcome of how successful they are at their job? People say that college is not worth it because of the debt that graduates are in for years and years after they graduate. Also, some people just aren’t meant for college, people who struggled in school would often rather get a job where they are hands-on and engaged compared to a sit-down, business-like job. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to go to college but it isn’t always advantageous to all students depending on the career path they want to follow. Most Americans say that college is overpriced, which is why many people don’t apply to colleges. People who want to go to continue their education cannot always financially cover the expense for college.

Various people claim that colleges are overpriced and the quality of education isn’t worth the amount the student spends. “75% says college is too expensive for most Americans to afford.” proving that most college graduates believe that the required amount of money for college is too costly and irrational. “A majority of Americans (57%) say the higher education system in the US fails to provide students with good value for the money they and their families spend.” This is graduates insisting that their college didn’t even give back education for their value of money. People who want to go to college and don’t have enough money to cover the expenses can sign up for financial aid. Financial aid can be helpful in lowering the cost of college for you, but there’s still dept that the student will have to pay off when they finish college.

People who disagree with the cost for college also bring up the amount of debt that they can be in for years and years once they graduate. Dept has a long and significant effect on the students, especially students who have to help support their family. Pew Social and Demographic Trends from Pew Research says, “Among adults ages 18-34 who are not in school and do not have a bachelor’s degree, two-thirds say a major reason for no continuing their educator is the need to support a family.” Showing that some people had to choose between a moving up with a college education or buying food and clothes for their family. People who have children and a house to pay for claim that it is hard to pay off all the bills they have because of the student loans, “(48%) say that paying off that debt made it harder to pay other bills” showing that people who graduate can still be negatively affected by the cost of college. It shouldn’t be about the amount of money you have to go to college, it should be the skills you have and if you deserve it.

People who do not see going to college as a must in the future know that getting certain jobs will be harder, but people can still make a living without a college diploma. People do not see the worth of spending such an extraordinary amount of money for college if they plan on a career that doesn’t need a graduation requirement. Lastly, people don’t support college because not all jobs require a college education, such as plumber, hairstylist, or builder. There are the jobs that are more physical than mental were the people have to make things with their hands.

Crawford Matthew B. from The New York Times states how, “somebody has to actually do things; fix our cars, unclog our toilets, build our houses.” explaining how these jobs don’t need a diploma. Our society could not function if we didn’t have certain people who fix things or creates things to make our daily lives smoother. Matthew Crawford says “If the goal is to earn a living, then maybe it isn’t really true that 18-year-olds need to be imparted with a sense of panic about getting into college.” showing how people who do not go to college can still live a good happy life, and have a successful business that does not have college as a mandatory requirement. These are the main reasons I believe that college isn’t as important as our society makes it seem. Yes some jobs it is beneficial to graduate and continue your education, but not all jobs need a diploma for you to be successful.

The families that can’t afford to send their kids off to college, or the kids who don’t want to go to college still have many options of what direction the want to go with their career. A plumber with a high school diploma makes just as much money as a plumber with a college diploma, proving that college isn’t worth the cost depending on the job you want i the future.

Emily Sims Mrs essay

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