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Updated May 16, 2020

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Essay Questions essay

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a)Describe what Jews believe about God Jews believe that there is only one God. This makes Judaism a monotheistic religion, mono meaning one and theistic meaning God. Jews show their beliefs about this when they recite the Shema which starts “Hear, Israel: The Lord is our God, the Lord is one.” They recite this twice daily to show their appreciation of God. They believe that everything was created by one God, and that evil was created by God and not by Satan.

As said by Isaiah “I am the Lord, and there is none else. I form the light and create darkness, I make peace and create evil. I am the Lord that does all these things.” This shows us that Jews use Isaiahs words daily to enforce their way of life. Judaism states that god has no real form and that he is bodiless.

Although parts of his body are referred to in the scripture Jews still maintain this belief. Following on from this they believe that God is neither male nor female and it is wrong to try and represent God in a physical form. They say that God is Omnipresent, that he is everywhere all of the time and can see everything and that he is not just the God of Jews But he is universal and the God of all nations. God is omnipotent, he can do anything and that the only thing he is unable to do is use free will against us.

He is omniscient; he can see all things past, present and future. God is eternal, he has no beginning and no end, and he will go on as long as time. God is holy and is often referred to as “Ha-Kadosh, Barukh Hu,” which means the holy one, blessed be he. Their main belief about god is that we are all his children and that we are created in the image of him.

They believe that children are created by three participants: then mother the father, who provides the childs physical form and then God who gives the child its personality, intelligence and most importantly its soul. They say that Gods most important gift is that of knowing that we are Gods children. b)Explain what Jews Believe about the covenant Jews believe that anyone can have a relationship with God but that they are special because of the covenant made with God. The covenant has two sides as do most these are: That the nation of Israel must remember God always, serve Him and keep all of the laws as written in the Torah God will remain faithful to the nation of Israel, will continue to be that nation’s God and will treat the members of that nation with respect Jews believe that the covenant is an agreement between God and the Jews; they believe that if they follow Gods rules as the Torah tells them to, that God will keep his side.

He will then protect them and they will be his chosen people. They believe that the covenant isnt just about what god has done for them in the past but that the Messiah will one day come, bringing peace throughout the world. c)Jews have good reasons to believe in God Do you agree? There are many reasons for Jews to believe in God. They were delivered from Egypt by God and he rescued them from pharaoh. This gives them one of many reasons to believe in God.

Also he listens to their prayers which gives them hope and communication with him. Although there are many things that persuade Jews to believe in god there are also things that go against this idea. The main the reason Jews may choose not to believe in God is the Holocaust. Some Jews find it hard to believe in a god and honest God after all those innocent people were left to die.

They find it hard to believe that they lost their lives for no apparent reason and nothing was done to help them. Also the Jews were moved away from their holy land and this shows that Gods promise was broken after he said that they could stay there. Overall I think that Jews do have good reasons to believe in God but they also have bad ones. I personally think though that the good reasons balance out the bad and so if I were a Jew I would believe in God even though nothing was done to help the innocent people that lost their homes and lives.

Essay Questions essay

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