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Euthanasia Compare and Contrast Essay

Updated November 1, 2018

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Euthanasia Compare and Contrast Essay essay

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Euthanasia which comes from the Greek meaning of easy death is one of our societies highly debatable issues and the main reason for this argument is against active euthanasia, which is when a terminally ill patient is administered with a lethal drug or using other means to cause there death. There is also Passive euthanasia, which means the stopping or not starting a persons treatment, leaving their condition to run its course, without resuscitation.

. Many people debate this issue stating that they believe that by participating in the practice of active euthanasia, that they are “playing God,” but isnt that what doctors are already doing by trying to keep their patients alive? Or perhaps, even worse, that they believe that people who support euthanasia are not acting out of mercy, but rather out of selfishness or that they are just giving up. People also think that it is just a fancy name for murder but isnt murder defined as; The unlawful, premeditated killing of one human being by another. Where as with euthanasia an ill person is choosing to die and merely asking for assistance by another human being so that they can die in dignity with out having to commit suicide which can be very hard on the persons family and can also cause some legal problems. Some may also argue the point of what to do if a person is suffering with an illness of which there seems no hope of recovery, yet they are unable to make a choice for themselves, how do we know what that person would choose? And who would make that decision? But that is where a living will would be used, which a person can Wright stating what they want to happen to them while they are still alive and well, so if faced with this situation family and doctors would know what the person wanted. Another question you must ask yourself is why people who have an old and diseased dog that was suffering in pain they would to take it to a vet, and most likely have it put down no questioned asked.

Because they would want to relieve it from all its pain. But if a person was to be in the same situation and they were to go to a doctor, the doctor would do what ever they could to keep their patient alive and at any cost. Even if it means leaving them unable to do anything with out a machine and any thing they did try to do would caused them server pain which would last right up until there body could no longer take it any more and they would eventually die. So why is having an animal put down classed as being the right thing to do but when the same situation applies to a human ending there pain and suffering is wrong. In a recent vote the majority of people 425 exact agreed with making euthanasia legal while only 124 disagreed and 23 not sure. Which is why it should be legal and by making it legal it wont effect those who dont believe in it anyway because they wont have to use it.

So why should every else have to suffer and be forced to follow other peoples beliefs. Many people disagree with euthanasia because in most situations were there is an ill person, people do not want to think about them dying they just want to believe that they will recover and live a long and full life. Which is almost never the case or they know that there is no chance of survival but they just dont want to let them go. But in most situations were people are being kept alive and are being denied the chance to die there life is such a horribly bedridden and worthless life full of excruciating pain and why would anyone want to go through that when they are going to die nevertheless.

So is that what people would rather do then end a life in a peaceful and pain free way where at least they can enjoy there last few moments of life. Which is why euthanasia should be legal so there could be a choice there for people to make, a chance for them to say when and how they want to end there life. And whatever the end result may be weather they chose to live or die they have done what they wanted to do.

Euthanasia Compare and Contrast Essay essay

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