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Functionally graded material

Updated January 17, 2019

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Functionally graded material essay

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Functionally graded material (FGM) may characterized by the composition variation, corresponding changes in the properties of the material, structure gradually over volume. Materia?s can be designed for some specific applications and function. Various approaches based on the particu?ate processing, layer processing, preform processing, me?t processing, and used to fabricate the functiona??y graded materia?s.

The concept of making a composite material by varying the microstructure with a specific gradient from one materia? to another material. This enables different materials properties at single phase. Functionally graded consist of composite materials formed of two or more constituents phase with continiously variab?es composition. Both strengths of the materia? may used to avoid stress corrosion cracking, corrosion, fracture and fatigue. If it is for toughness, corrosive resistance, thermal and malleability.

Basically Functiona??y graded concrete (FGC) made is based on the concept of functionally graded materials(FGM). In cross section of functionally graded, Gradually changes in some properties to eliminating the sharp border, that observed in the laminated composites and there it reduce the stress concentration by eliminating the sharp interface. Functionally graded concrete specimens are capab?e to solve stress concentration prob?ems, and also can be produced in some way to en-capsulate low qua?ity raw materi?as with less harm to the base materials. There are many areas of application of FGM and are gaining wide app?ications in various branches of engineering and techno?ogy with taking a view to make suitab?e use of available materials of different potential properties in the best possib?e way. It may be possib?e through various research and deve?opment in the area of mechanics of FGM for the present modern techno?ogies of spacecraft structura? members, high temperature therma? barrier coatings, special nuclear components, etc.

Numerous advantage of these posses material that makes them appropriate in potential app?ications. It inc?udes a potential improved thermal properties, high toughness, reduction of in p?ane and through the thickness transverse stresses, etc.

Functionally graded material essay

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