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How to hit a GOLF ball Prepared By

Updated January 17, 2019

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How to hit a GOLF ball Prepared By essay

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How to hit a GOLF ball Prepared By: Rupinder Singh Samra Mandeep Singh Jallan Contents • INTRODUCTION • MATERIAL REQUIRED • GRIPPING TECHNIQUE • ADDRESSING THE BALL / STANCE • SWING • FOLLOW THROUGH MATERIAL REQUIRED 1. Golf ball 2. Golf clubs 3. Ball Markers 4. Golf bags 5.

Golf cart 6. Towels 7. Club heads 8. Gloves INTRODUCTION • GOLF is known as club and ball sport, because the player tries to hit the ball using the clubs into a series of holes only in few strokes. The game consists of 18 holes in an arranged progression. Though recreational courses of 9 holes can be smaller.

• CHARACTERISTICS OF HOLES Each hole consists of two important parts – a tee box to start the game from and an actual hole of 4.25 inches in diameter. Golf that is played by an individual for lowest number of strokes is called stroke play. It is played at elite level. After completing a round, the lowest score scored by an individual or team on the most individual holes is called MATCH PLAY. MODERN FORM OF GOLF WAS ORIGINATED IN 15th CENTURY IN SCOTLAND Gripping techniques There are 3 primary gripping techniques 1.THE VARDON OVERLAPPING GRIP • Take little finger on the trailing hand. • Place it between the index and middle finger.

• The lead hand thumb should fit in lifeline of the trailing hand. 2 THE INTERLOCKING GRIP • Take little finger on the trailing hand. • Intertwine it with the index finger on the lead hand. • Lead thumb should fit in the lifeline of the trailing hand. 3.TEN FINGER GRIP (Baseball grip) • Start with perfect lead hand grip. • Place the little finger of the trailing hand close against the index finger of the lead hand.

• Cover the lead hand thumb with lifeline of the trailing hand. Note: The trailing hand for right-handed golfers is right and for lefty its left. ADDRESSING THE GOLF BALL / STANCE • Alignment and foot position • Balance • Posture • Arm and Hand position ALIGNMENT AND FOOT POSITION • Body should positioned parallel to the target line. • The feet should be shoulder width apart . • Target-side foot should be flared toward the target from 20 degree to 40 degree. • Back foot should be square (90 degree to the target line ) to slightly open.

BALANCE • Weight should be balanced on the balls of the toes. POSTURE KNEES • Should be a little stretched over the balls of the feet for balance. • Your rear knee should also be bent inward slightly. BODY • Should be bent at the hips. • Make your bottom stick out slightly. • Your spine should make a 90 degree angle with the shaft of the club.

BACK • Your veretbrae should be in line. • Make your back straight. • Back should also tilt slightly away from the target. WARNING: Prevent from slouching position. ARM AND HAND POSITION • Hands should be using one of the three proper grips • You should hanging down naturally in front of the zipper close to the front leg.

NOTE: Left leg for a right-handler, right leg for a left-handler. SWING 1. HALFWAY BACK • Left arm and hand swing club back on a slight inside path. • Right arm folds. • Shoulders fully turn along the same hip turn.

• Both knees stay flexed and pointing at front. • Toe of club directing to the sky. 2. TOP OF BACKSWING • Right position attained by swinging the left arm and hand.

• The right arm should be passive but supportive. • Shoulders should be fully turned 90 degrees and hips turned 45 degrees. • Maintain balance of body. • 3. DOWNSWING • Hands initiate the downswing which makes body respond. • Angle of backswing maintained through downswing.

• Allowing the club to be released just prior to impact. 4. IMPACT POSITION: STRAINGHTEN LEFT SIDE • Hips remain to turn open so the left hip has cleared by pressure. • The chest is less rotated.

• Head remains behind the ball. • Hands should be ahead of the clubhead at impact, with left wrist flat and right wrist bend. • A line from left shoulder to the clubhead is at full length just after you hit the ball. • 5.

FOLLOW-THROUGH:EXTEND AND ROTATE • Both arm fully extended. • Your arms should be starting to swing back to the inside. • Closing the gap with left knee by kicking right knee inward. • Momentum has carried the hands behind the head. • The arms are soft and folded.

• Body weight fully transferred into left heel. • Shoulders should have turned more than your hips. • Indicating a full body release. • You should comfortably balance, as you were at address.

How to hit a GOLF ball Prepared By essay

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