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In a highly competitive era

Updated January 17, 2019

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In a highly competitive era essay

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In a highly competitive era, delivering customer value is the purpose every business wants to achieve. The so-called customer value is the relative satisfaction of the consumer after purchasing the goods or services.

Since every consumer has a unique set of needs and with a high perceived value to the organisation’s products and services, comparing which one yields higher value. However, understanding customer relationship management (CRM) means analysing how to interact with customer in order to improve business relationships with customer, assisting in customer retention and driving sales growth (Margaret, 2014). Since this is the key to keeping the company can survive, once established, this personal and emotional linkage make it easier for any organisation to identify the actual needs of its customers and help them provides the services in a better way (Experts, 2017). Most organisation maintain their business through CRM tools to lead their business to achieve success and gain more profit. This paper is to determine the relationship between the organisation and the customers that can affect the relationship quality.

In a highly competitive era essay

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