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Tan’s main idea in Mother Tongue

Updated August 11, 2022

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Tan’s main idea in Mother Tongue essay

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Mother Tongue is by Amy Tan and it is a nonfiction passage that talks about her problems with where she stands on language ,her mother’s not so good English and their bond. Earlier in the story she talks about how she conversates with her mother and husband differently than she does when she giving a speech or being professional;also touches on how she wasn’t that great in the english as a child and how her mother had tough times speaking proper english and she goes through times with prejudice people along the way.

In the story Tan uses ethos and pathos to express herself for a example she said “I’m not a scholar of english” and “I’m only a writer” so that the reader can understand that you don’t have to know all the detail about english to be a pretty good writer. Tan’s main idea is that she spends a lot of time thinking about how strong language is and how it evoke an emotional response or visual image in your head or the simple truth. Another reason Tan made this passage is because she wants the reader to understand the way of different types of englishs as in proper and broken as she uses in the passage and this can relate to many people who were born in a different country and move to the USA at a young age.

The type of claim is value she is putting a claim on the english language and how it can effect you many different ways if you don’t use it in the right way . How it’s relevant today is many people get prejudices pass on to them because that can’t speak proper English and effects a lot of people in this world we live in today

Tan’s main idea in Mother Tongue essay

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