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No Pretty Pictures

Updated November 29, 2019

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No Pretty Pictures essay

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.. it was just fate. 10. What made you wonder in the book? I wondered, how old Kino, Juana, and Coyotio were.

I also wondered what state they were in. This is something that I dont like about fiction stories, everything being told to you is not real, so it makes it harder to relate to a story. Or to wonder about things just because why do you want to wonder about something that never happened? 11. Which character reminds you most of yourself? I think that Kino reminds me the most of myself, just because he was so determined to get what he wanted (the money for the pearl). I just dont really think that I would be as drastic as he was. I dont think that I could ever kill a person, but I would do anything and everything to get what I wanted for that pearl.

And I would get very upset about someone ruining my canoe just as if someone had ruined my car. And I would do anything to save my son also and get very frustrated trying. 12. Who reminds you the most of a friend? Coyotio reminds me the most of my sister not a friend.

Even though she is 10 not still a baby, she is a very helpless person. She doesnt stick up for herself, just like Coyotio couldnt. She keeps quiet when she knows she has to, and tries as hard as she can just to be not seen. 13. Which character would you like to be in this book? I dont know if this would count, but I would like to be the doctors wife.

I wouldnt like to be snobby or as money hungry as the doctor (that would be a good thing about being his wife, I could straighten the jerk out) I would like to have some control in the society that they live in. And if my husband was being ignorant, I would have him do what was right, not what he wanted to do. Although I know in those days women didnt have the say that they do today, but I could have always tried. And if she didnt count because she really wasnt in the story, then I would want to be one of the neighbors to Kino and Juana. I would want to experience what they went through from the outside and not have to actually deal with what they went through but be able to see it.

14. What would you and your favorite character talk about in a conversation? I would talk to Juana. I think that I would discuss with her, what its like to make the people you love as happy and as comfortable as possible and when they arent happy, what you can do for them. I would talk about what its like to go through pain and suffering and keep all of my emotions bottled up inside away from everyone because thats what I would have to do.

15. Do you think the title fits the book? I think that the title goes good with the book. The story is based upon Kino finding a pearl, and the name is the The Pearl. So I think that the title fits the basic storyline.

16. What was the author saying about life and living? I think that the author was saying that no matter how much we all want some things. And how much we think that we may need something. If we really look at what it is that we want and what we are going to have to sacrifice to get it, is it really worth it? And do we still want it? Like Juana had said early on in the book that the pearl was a curse and it was evil and that Kino should get rid of it, he didnt. He was set on getting what he wanted. And she knew that they werent going to get anything out of it, but things that they probably wouldnt want in the future.

17. Has the book helped you in anyway? I dont think that the book has really helped me in anyway, it could help other people. I dont think that it helped me because, I know when something is worth it or not, and if people advise me not to go through with something then I usually dont. And if anything goes wrong along the way, or if I have second thoughts then I usually end it right there. I know though that there are people out there who dont know when things are going bad and when things really arent worth it anymore. 18.

Have you changed after reading the book? I cant say that I have changed after reading this book. Like I had said before, I already would have known better than to go through all of this trouble over a pearl. And this is also fiction, and fiction really doesnt affect me the way that non-fiction does. 19. What do you know now? I know now that people on horseback would search the woods for runaways I always just thought that people who ran away were free, as long as they were never caught and as long as they never came back to the town that they were in.

20. What questions would you like answered? I would like to know how old the family is along with the baby. Whether or not Kino and Juana got into trouble. I would also like to know how the baby got hit with the bullet but Juana was fine.

Conclusion 1. I learned that there were people called trackers who would chase after convicts in the woods. 2. Indians would search for pearls 3.

Pearls were accidents, and that they are sand in an oyster. 4. News would travel fast, even in those days through a town. 5. People then would just go into another persons house even though they werent invited in, and they would stay as long as they wanted. 6.

Brush houses didnt have doors 7. Brush houses had dirt floors. 8. Babies slept in hanging boxes 9. They would eat hot cakes everyday for breakfast except for feasts 10.

Indians had many songs for different things, when bad things were about they said that they had evil songs, they said that they could hear the neighbors songs, and they had songs for fishing, praying, sleeping cooking. Everything had a song. History Reports.

No Pretty Pictures essay

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