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E Commerce

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Commerce Through the Internet

Electronic commerce is the ability of buying and selling of goods over the internet. The main purpose is to conduct transactions irrespective of geographical barriers. The ability to have customer’s complete orders 24 hours a day is invaluable. A potential customer can role over in bed at 4 am think of something they want to buy…

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E-Logistics: Is E-commerce Creating a More Efficient and Effective Logistics Industry?

Electronic commerce has revolutionized not only the way goods are sold, but how they are delivered. Customers demand products delivered at very high speed with complete order flexibility and convenience. Moreover, today’s online customers want to be able to track their order instantly, from the moment they place an order until the moment they receive…

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International Trade

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E commerce Assignment

E commerce Assignment (15SE322E) On SET & EDI Submitted To: Submitted By: Mrs S Aruna YAJUR NIGAM RA1511002010768 SET Secure Electronic Transaction (SET)can be described as a communication protocol standard to secure credit card transactions over the Internet. It is an application layer security mechanism. SET is not just a payment system, but rather is considered as a set of…

E Commerce

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E Commerce

E Commerce Remember the time when there was no Internet? Where advances in telecommunications and computing largely occurred side-by-side in the past, today, they converge in the Internet. Timesharing, the concept of linking a large numbers of users to a single computer via remote terminals, was developed at MIT in the late 50s and early…

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Advertisement Dear Safeguard

The commercial is about using Safeguard Soap to avoid the spread out of bacteria in the body. Safeguard Soap is a product of “Procter and Gamble Manufacturing Company (P&G)”, a soap that has been tested and is registered in Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and it is also said to fight against germs to prevent…


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