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Introduction to Inequality On the Example of India

Inequality is the gap between the rich and the poor. It is where a group of individuals or people control most or maximum resources while the rest are left with pittens/leftovers. Our world has the ultra-rich who are just a handful of people but they control over 98% of the resources and economy while the…

Economic Inequality,



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The Contribution of Vision Umurenge Program in the Reduction of Household Conflicts Based on Income Inequality

My profound gratitude is addressed to Dr. Charline MULINDAHABI, my supervisor for her immeasurable commitment, effort, positive criticisms and willingness to spare and given up her time to help me acquire new skills. My academic education would not be possible without the support from my lovely husband Jean Francois Regis GIHANA. His financial and moral…


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The Gender And Class

Before analyzing how each stratifier of our thesis affects political view, we have to recognize how they influence one another. As gender cannot be affected by class, I will analyze how gender affects the income and social class of a person. Because social class is defined within a family unit, the lump sum of a…




Social Class

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