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Reconstruction Act in the USA

Following the American Civil War came the Reconstruction Act. This is when the North helped rebuild the South from the total destruction which happened during the Civil War. Discussed below are three effects the Reconstruction Act had on the North and the South. First, the U.S. government enacted the 13th Amendment. This amendment freed all…




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Frederick Douglas Experience with Christianity

The exact year and date of Douglass’ birth are unknown, though later in life he chose to celebrate it on February 14. He became one of the most famous intellectuals of his time, advising presidents and lecturing to thousands on a range of causes, including women’s rights and Irish home rule. Douglass initially lived with…




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Based on the True Story of Phineas Taylor Barnum

The Greatest Showman has been extremely successful. It has been highly anticipated and been promoted excessively. It’s been one of the biggest hits on Box Office with an impressive 434, 5 million US dollars made. Based on the true story of Phineas Taylor Barnum or more commonly known as PT. Barnum. Having grown up in…




United States

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Thanks for Your Support During the Project

Acknowledgment would mostly like to thank Ms. Jacqueline Logan for her continuous support during the process of this project, and for helping me through sickness and health, day and night to ensure that this was completed at an optimum level by helping me to properly source my information. I would also like to thank Mrs….





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Indigenous People of the Rainforest

Tropical rainforests are bursting with life. Not only do millions of species of plants and animals live in rainforests, but many people also call the rainforest their home. In fact, Indigenous, or native, people have lived in rainforests for thousands of years. In North and South America they were mistakenly named Indians by Christopher Columbus,…





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Slavery Exploratory Essay

Slavery Slavery The representative government begins with the House of Burguess. The house of Burguess as the legislature was called; they first met on July 30, 1619 in a little church in Jamestown to write the laws of Virginia. The house of Burguess remained in existence even after James I took control of Virginia. At…


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Huckleberry Finn – Freedom

“The Widow Douglas she took me for her son, and allowed she would sivilize me; but it was rough living in the house all the time…. so, when I couldn’t stand it no longer I lit out into my rags and was free and satisfied, but she always took me back.” Huck is having trouble…





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The Analysis of August Wilson’s Play The Piano Lesson

The Piano Lesson Do you ever have one of those days when you remember your parents taking away all of your baseball cards or all of your comic books because you got a bad grade in one of your classes? You feel a little depressed and your priced possession has been stolen. This event is…

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Race Relations In The Us

.. the logs in leather straps attached to their shoulders. They plowed using mule and ox teams. They dug ditches, spread manure, and piled coarse fodder with their bare hands. They built and cleaned Southern roads, helped construct Southern railroads, and, of course, they picked cotton. In short, slave women were used as badly as…




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James Madison And The Slavery Issue

.. d result from the act of manumission. This is rendered impossible by the prejudice of the whites, prejudices which must be considered as permanent and inseparable. It only remains then that some proper external receptacle be provided for the slaves who obtain their liberty, (Hutchinson, 14:163). Madison was concerned with slave labor and his…


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