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My Encounter With Racism While Studying Abroad

I am among many who assumed Europe was more highly evolved than the U.S. on issues of tolerance. I feel paradoxically relieved and subdued at the same time. Relieved to realize that the idea of emigrating is a useless way to try to escape provincial ignorance, and subdued to realize that intolerance is so pervasive…

Studying Abroad

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Problems Faced by a Student Abroad

More and more young people are studying abroad now. Studying abroad has a great influence on young people, especially in life, study and culture. According to the survey, the number of Chinese students studying abroad exceeded 500,000 for the first time in 2015. China is the world’s largest source of international students, the United States,…

Studying Abroad

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The Benefits Of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad may be one of the most advantageous experiences for college students. I recently had the opportunity to attend an education fair. I gained a fair amount of knowledge from the talks which were organized during the fair and would like to share some advantages of studying abroad. Studying develops a child’s mind by…

College Students,

Studying Abroad

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