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College Expectations Urban legends can be found all throughout our society. One of the reasons why they are so prevalent in our society is because they are focused on topics that play key roles in our lives. There are urban legends that are filled with horror, anxiety, sadness, humor, etc.. but most of all they…

Time Management

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Due to more use of technologies in today’s world

Due to more use of technologies in today’s world, schools are opting online learning system. However, both e-learning and traditional way of learning entails instructors, identical education and quality learning yet they both varies from each other in aspects of time management, interaction with others, learning process, flexibility etc. . There are a few students…

Time Management

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Completing the FYE 1100 course

Completing the FYE 1100 course, I learned a variety of new things from the class, and also a memory refresher from things that I have already learned. So far, my biggest obstacle is time management. It’s not that I procrastinate, but it’s because my two oldest daughters are in sports and my youngest daughter is…

Time Management

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