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Pearl harbor

Updated March 31, 2019

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Pearl harbor essay

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Pearl Harbor :The Review This may be a war movie, but after all it is Hollywood.

So half of the movie, sadly is irrelevant to the events of December 7,1941(besides the recurring characters) and just happens to be a story about three childhood friends. It focuses on their lives prior to during and after the attacks. The attack, I dare say, was done beautifully. The true climax of the movie was the attack, not the love triangle. A good 30 -45 minutes of the movie was dedicated to the attack itself.

After the attack on Pearl Harbor is made, the US decides to strike back. This is where the movie loses its touch. Prior to the attack we see a gut wrenching love tale, but what we are really waiting for is when Japan strikes and the first torpedoes hit the water. Once Danny and Rafe leave the audience loses interest in the historical part of the film.

Story line was decent, special effects could have been better, but overall it sucks. History Of The Swastika The Swastika is actually not a symbol of evil and hatred. Actually, it was given a bad name when used by the Nazi political party and Hitler. The symbol has been used for over 5 thousand years by various religions and cultures. The word “swastika” comes from the Sanskrit word “Svastikah” which means being fortunate.

Ruins of Jewish temples, unearthed in Palestine, from over 2,000 years ago have been found to bare the swastika symbol. To the Germanic tribes, the symbol was known as the “Cross of Thor.” One of the oldest known Swastikas was found in a cave and dated to over 10,000 years ago. Other religions and cultures found to use the swastika, for one purpose or another, include: Buddhists, Taoists, and American Indians (North and South American). Words / Pages : 311 / 24

Pearl harbor essay

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