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Updated October 6, 2019

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Polyphemus essay

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Polyphemus Polyphemus according to Greek mythology was the son of Poseidon and the nymph-thoosa. In all of my research on Polyphemus I have found that he has no powers, nor does he have symbols.

But besides his enormous size and his herding of goats and sheep. He has no other powers and symbols The Cyclopes definition means round eye. A mythical semi-human monster of huge proportions. A single eye at the center of his forehead. Usually described as one round-eyed giant.

Polyphemus is best remembered in homers poem “The Odyssey” when Polyphemus captures Odysseus and his crew on their way home from the Trojan War. His crew lands on the Island of Cyclopes in search of Provisions. After finding polythemuses cave and went inside to steal food and he also was curious to see what a Cyclopes looks like he had never seen one before. So Odysseus and his men hid waiting for the Cyclopes to return.

When he returned Odysseus and his men gasped in disbelief. Giving away their hiding place. So polythemus closes his cave with a big boulder, after he trapped him Odysseus told the Cyclopes that his name was nobody. His biggest problem was the he and his men could not lift the boulder therefore they can not kill polythemus.

So polythemus ended up eating 4 of his men total since they like raw meat it doesn’t matter what kind just as long as it is raw. And after that polythemus goes for a walk around the island with his flock of sheep when he was gone Odysseus put a sharpened log into poop to hide it. Upon his return polythemus drinks wine that Odysseus gave him, what he doesn’t know is that the wine he drank is very powerful that a Greek god gave him. So from that point Polythemus passes out.

From that point Odysseus and his men take the spear and drop it in his eye Putting him in a panic. Looking for Odysseus and his men lifts up the boulder and waits at the door. So Odysseus and his men cling to the bottom of the sheep escaping from polythemus. Then polythemus shouts and pounds so the other cylopses come to his call and they ask what is the matter and he says that I am blined by nobody. And they say then what is wrong and polythemus says, “no I was blinded by nobody”.

So they leave him alone at that point. Theater Essays.

Polyphemus essay

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