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Several Beautiful Sights in North Sumatra

Updated June 19, 2019

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Several Beautiful Sights in North Sumatra essay

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I believe that every country has its own unique and beautiful sights for people to visit. For example, in my country, Indonesia has many popular destinations for visitors. For decades, tourism in my country has become an important sector in foreign exchange earner.

A lot of significant progresses have been made to meet the demand in tourism sector. One of the most popular areas that provide visitors with the beautiful sights is North Sumatra. North Sumatra is one of the biggest provinces at Indonesia with many attractive and cultural spots for visitors. The first example is Medan, the place where I used to spend my childhood, is the capital city of North Sumatra.

With its trading centers and important harbor, Medan also has developed into a metropolitan city with large populations. One of the most historical places is Mesjid Agung (Grand mosque). It used to be a place of worship owned by the inheritance of Sultanate of Deli. Founded in 1960 by Sultan Maimun, this mosque has become the biggest and the most beautiful mosque at North Sumatra.

Two hundreds meters from Grand mosque, there is Maimun palace which can be said as the combination of Islamic tradition and European culture. The architect of this Palace was an Italian and completed in 1888. Furthermore, this palace was used by Sultan Deli for coronation, custom ceremonies, ancient weapons, family pictures and furniture storages. Another example is Lake Toba. Lake Toba is the biggest lake in all of Southeast Asia.

With the altitude of 800 meters, 100 kilometers length and 30 kilometers width, Lake Toba is a popular tourist resort. The lake is situated in the caldera of the huge Toba volcano which erupted 75,000 years ago. Prapat is the main town on Lake Toba which is mostly spoiled by tourism. Recreational activities such as swimming, motor boating, water skiing, cycling, canoeing and fishing are popular activities around that area.

Either the Batak Toba or Batak Simalungun people live in that region. The climate there is cool and dry. Therefore, this location is a perfect place to relax. Batik clothes are also well known souvenirs in this place. Prapat can be reached in 4 hours by bus from Medan. North side of Lake Toba located Tongging.

Tongging is a place to see a waterfall surrounded by calm beautiful sights. The 360 feet si piso-piso waterfall is visible from a gazebo from the top of the hill. If you want to look closely to the waterfall, you can go down to the hill by a path steps, stairs and ladder leads down. It almost takes half an hour to reach the bottom of the waterfall.

However, near the bottom of the waterfall, it is slippery and very wet, so you must be very careful. Yet the blue water looks pure and swift. With so many places of interests in North Sumatra such as Medan, Lake Toba, si piso-piso waterfall and many more, Im sure that these can be the beautiful places where the tourists can enjoy the force of nature that bring a powerful effects. Indeed, maybe everyone should pick Indonesia as an enjoyable trip to visit.

Several Beautiful Sights in North Sumatra essay

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