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The emperor’s new car

Updated April 25, 2020

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The emperor’s new car essay

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Greg Haskins Eng 342-1 Fairy Tale The President’s Old Cars Once upon a time in the very country you live in, there was a president who learned a lesson the hard way. See the president loved cars, new cars, fast cars, slow cars, rusted out cars, it didn’t matter, if he saw a car he wanted, he bought it. Most other leaders were helping their countries to become stronger, while ours was off buying cars. Then there came that memorable day when our president learned his lesson. While out shopping for new cars, the president came across one he didn’t have.

It was a 1986 Ford Escort. It was all rusty, missing hubcaps, and squeaked as he drove it down the road. But while talking to the car salesman, he never worried about what was wrong with it. The salesman (trying to get rid of this piece of junk) told the president that this car was in great shape and there would probably never be another car like this one. He also told the president that if anyone tried to tell him that this car was loud and smoked that they were just jealous and making it up. The president, happy to hear that someone might be jealous of him bought the car right away with his country’s money.

On his way home people lined the streets to see his new purchase. Many laughed and pointed as his Escort smoked putted along the street. The president remembering what the car salesman had said thought these people were just jealous and pretending that his car was making all the smoke and noise. So he proudly drove around his 4-speed car through the streets ignoring everyone that laughed at him. Now during the time the president was out buying new cars the American people more money because their jobs weren’t paying enough. The president was giving less and less money every time he gave out money, so he would have money to buy a new car.

The fact that his people were starting to starve didn’t bother him at all. A couple of weeks later he was out to buy another car. He went back to the salesman that had sold him the Escort earlier. The president told the salesman that people actually laughed at his previous purchase.

Then the salesman and president laughed because they were sure that those people were just jealous and making that stuff up about the car. Even though the salesman knew that those people were right about the car, he didn’t tell the president because he wanted to make more money by selling more useless cars. The president then came across a garbage truck. He had never bought a garbage truck before and thought that it would help make his collection more complete. On the outside the truck wasn’t too bad, they had at least washed it. But inside was a mess.

There was still trash in the back of the truck too! The truck gave off a horrible smell, and people knew when the president was coming miles before he even got there. Again the salesman told the president that there wasn’t any smell, and the people only said that because they still jealous of what the president could buy. One day the president had a meeting with his workers. They tried to tell the president that this car salesman was ripping him off. They told him of the country’s problems with money, and that he shouldn’t spend the people’s money on cars that are useless, and that people weren’t lying when they said that his cars smelled, or smoked out of the engine, and fell apart as he drove down the road. He ignored them again and said that wouldn’t understand, and that the country had plenty of money.

Then while driving down the road in his garbage truck the president noticed something. He saw thousands of people living in the streets! He had never seen so many homeless people before. This time they weren’t pointing at his truck, instead they were throwing anything they could find at him. Then finally they tore the garbage truck up so much that it couldn’t be driven any more. When the president go out he asked why they were mad at him, it wasn’t his fault they were homeless, was it? They told him that because he had spent so much money on cars that barely ran, that he had no money to give to them. The president quickly came up with a plan to get the people’s money back.

He took all his cars back except his bicycle to the salesman. He yelled at him telling the salesman he had lied to him, and that he wanted to sell all his cars back, or he would deport him to Afghanistan! The salesman agreed and gave the president back all the money. The president then gave the money to all his people and thanked them for always being honest, even when he didn’t listen. The president never bought another car, and rode his bike everywhere thanking his country.

He was then voted as the president 5 more times, and made the U.S.A. the strongest country in the world. Words / Pages : 861 / 24

The emperor’s new car essay

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