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The People Versus Lady Macbeth

Updated April 23, 2020

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The People Versus Lady Macbeth essay

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The People Vs. Macbeth The Macbeth trial broke out in full force today as the entire nation of Scotland paid close attention to the small town court of Grahacknboroughsly, Scotland. The charges are for abuse of power, abuse of wealth, abuse of friendship and misuse of a regal Scottish accent. As the parade of people came into the courthouse, 2/3rds of them were enemies of Macbeth. The motion to dismiss came early on grounds of permanent death on Macbeths defense team.

The motion was quickly dismissed as Macbeth was being quite lively for a dead King. The motion was not helped by the deceased ordering the judge to Lemme free, drop the charges and get a haircut. The defense motion was further weakened by the comment, the judge can kiss my giant, royal behind. The trial soon got underway after the court was able to settle Macbeth down. The Peoples witness list started off at the top and worked down. The first was Banquo, as he had been victimized by Macbeth early in the tale and his testimony, as well as his casket, was getting stale.

After hearing the testimony from Banquo, the Macbeth defense brought out their one and only witness, a stable boy, who looked as though he had been threatened with his life. The boys shaky and unseemingly well worded testimony went over very badly on the jury side and the crowds side. The boy brought out the fact that Macbeth was blinded by the possibility of absolute power and wealth, and that he couldnt control his wifes demands until it was too late for the both of them. He also stated that the opportunity wouldnt have been there if it werent for the kings cowardly sons and their flight from Scotland.

This did not go over well for the side of the jury that was strongly pro Duncan (even though they were supposed to be non partisan, it was hard to find a soul who didnt love Duncan so much as to hate Macbeth.) The People now brought out the Weird sisters and their cauldron to make their testimony. As cryptic as it was, it revealed that they had convinced Macbeth to kill Duncan, even though it was not hard. The jury was heavily swayed by this revelation, the common thought was that it may not have been Macbeths fault. The sisters may have convinced him.

The next witness was the son of Banquo, who had now become King, the court did not progress too well since they were all too busy bowing and showing respect. The jury went into deliberation after all of these facts were released. The deliberation lasted a full two weeks indicating a difficult choice, but when the jury came out and handed the envelope to the judge, it was Macbeth by a hair. The courtroom was in an outrage, but as the jury went through their reasoning it made a great deal of sense. Macbeth would never have even thought of it if it werent for the weird sisters, so they set him free to be dead in peace.

The appeal by the people is scheduled for next month.

The People Versus Lady Macbeth essay

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