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The Town Of Cheltenham

Updated April 14, 2020

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The Town Of Cheltenham essay

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The Town of Cheltenham PART A —— Cheltenham is located in the town of Caledon. Cheltenham was found in 1822 by Charles Haines. Cheltenham is located close to the Credit River and the Canadian National Railway known as the C.N.R. The absolute location of Cheltenham is 43 45′ North and 79 55′ West. The setting of Cheltenham is a valley with the Nigara Escarpment behind it. Cheltenham is located at the south west point of Caledon.

Cheltenham is located north of Toronto. Now in 1989 Cheltenham is mostly residential. There is some open space but very little industry now. There is one general store located in the centre of cheltenham.

There is a cemetary located opposite of The Fire Hall. Cheltenham was chosen as a town because of the Credit River and the Canadian National Railway. The railway produced trasportation for goods to be delivered to other cities. The cheap efficient rail transportation also ment that Cheltenham’s businesses had to compete against goods manufactured by mass production in larger urban centers to the south. Therefore the economy of Cheltenham would rise.

The Credit River produce lots of Hydro electric power for the people of Cheltenham. The two main reasons why the site was chosen for a town was the transportation produced by the C.N.R. and the hydro electric produced from the Credit River. Part B —— The land use at the mill pond area between 1850-1870 in Cheltenham was mostly industrial uses. Most of the industries or buildings were located very close to each other because they all depended on each other.

The industries in Cheltenham were located close to the Credit river. The buildings were small compared to the industries we have today. The mill pond cover an area in Cheltenham of one hundred by two hundred meters. There was once a dam and waterwheels in Cheltenham, but they are now destroyed by a flood.

Surrounding the mill pond is a small area of grassland. The types of industries in Cheltenham from 1850-1870 were a Flour and grist Mill, a Cooper Shop, a Sawmill, a Slaughter House, a General Store, a Blacksmith Shop, a Tannery, and three hotels. The sawmill, Flour and Grist Mill, and the cooper shop were located right beside each other. The tannery is just a little walk away. They are located so close to each other because they depended on each other.

The blacksmith shop, the Orange hall, a store, Henry’s hotel, and the general store are located right beside each other. Opposite to them are another store, the Beaver hall, another General store, and two Hotels. They are so close to each other because that is were all the tourists would stay if they came to Cheltenham. The stores would sell food to the people. For example the people could leave their horse at the blacksmith shop to get the shoes fixed while the man could go to the store to get a drink or go to the hotel for a nap.

The dam was used to stop the water from leaving the mill pond. The main purpose for the mill pond was to act as a reservoir so the people the Cheltenham had a good supply of water whenever it was needed. The reservoir can also be used as a place for fishing and recreation. These industries were developed by early settlers because the location was very close to a river. When the settlers came to Cheltenham they saw that Cheltenham had a river so they built a saw mill and a flour and grist mill there to take advantage of the water power. The industries were dependant on eact other.

Thats why a group of industries would be built beside or very close to each other. The cooper shop could get the wood from the saw mill. The land at the mill pond is also very flat and wet. Since the is a river then the erosion brought by the river would make the soil around in very fertile and damp. The damp fertile soils were good for planting wheat and other products. If the workers at the saw mill worked too hard and were very hot they could always jump into the river for a quick swim to cool off.

The main reason why the settlers built industries in Cheltenham was the river located beside it. Part C —— The village of Cheltenham was a much more important commercial centre in the 1870’s than it is today because in the 1870’s there was a railway. It was called “The Canadian National Railway”. The railway provided cheap and good transportation. The railway delivered products made in Cheltenham to many places. The railway offered alot of jobs for the people who lived in Cheltenham.

Many people from other places came on the train and came to Cheltenham to buy things or to start a business of their own because of the good transportation availible. There were lots of natural resourses availible there, but now the resourses are used up and the railway has closed down so lots of people lost their jobs. Since there were no more jobs in Cheltenham then the people moved to other prosperous cities. Since the people moved and there was no more good transportation the owners of stores closed down and moved also. When the Interprovincial Brick Company opened it did not effect Cheltenham’s population because most of the forty workers either lived at the brickyards or commuted from nearby villages, such as Terra Cotta, but the increased business was not enough to keep Cheltenham’s general stores and hotels going. But there was a small rise in business caused by the brick company.

Part D —— The brickworks developed just outside of Cheltenham because the Canadian National Railway is located right beside it. The railway was a good type of transportation. If the brickworks were to open again as maybe planned it might raise the economy of Cheltenham. The population would rise because there would be more jobs offered there than before. Since our technology has increased we don’t have to use the railway.

We can use other transportation such as trucking and airplane. I think even if the brickworks do open it won’t help Cheltenham too much because there is now to much competition in making bricks for houses. Most of the people now like to live in the city because they can get what ever they want, but if they move into the town then they won’t have as much entertainment. If the brickworks do open again I don’t think it will not be bad for Cheltenham infact it would benefit Cheltenham. Since Toronto is so densely populated many people can move to Cheltenham if they like the country life and the fresh air to start a new life. But after a few years I think the brickworks will go out of business again because Cheltenham is too far from the city and like I said there is too much competition in making bricks.

The Town Of Cheltenham essay

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