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Tyler Marlett Ms Gomez Period

Updated January 17, 2019

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Tyler Marlett Ms Gomez Period essay

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Tyler Marlett Ms Gomez Period:6 Due: 5/29/18 Social Hierarchy is the way people in a society separate people within that society into different social groups based off gender, race, or even sexual orientation. Ever since the start of society, people have always followed a social hierarchy. John Steinbeck recreates the social system from the Great Depression in his novel to tell us about the way people of color and how females were treated in a society to show that the system was unfair. John Steinbeck makes all of the characters from his novel, Of Mice and Men, fall into a pyramid of social hierarchy. The characters at the bottom of this pyramid such as Lennie, are discriminated against for their disabilities, gender, race, etc.

Lennie is John Steinbeck’s first example of the people at the bottom of the pyramid in his novel. Lennie is pinned to the bottom of the pyramid because he is mentally disabled. Lennie is stuck at the lowest sector of the pyramid because he is stuck with his disability

Tyler Marlett Ms Gomez Period essay

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