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Venus Asleep Of Paul Delvaux

Updated August 11, 2022

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Venus Asleep Of Paul Delvaux essay

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Doesnt use any distinct social groups in his paintings, however naked, erotic and sometimes helpless woman appear in almost all of his surrealistic works. 10. Was there any type of social or political upheaval occurring during the time period when the art was being produced? There wasnt really any social upheaval that I can see, but there was a distinct political upheaval.

The painting I enclosed was created while German bombers were bombing the city were Paul Delvaux lived, the political power of Germany wanted to take over the world and impose there values upon every one. In this painting you can see the frustration that Paul Delvaux was feeling, as fore he left all the people looking helpless and praying in his painting. The political side of the world does certainly come forth in Paul Delvauxs work. 11. Can you tell any thing about the time period and or the world situation by viewing the art of this period or this artist? The art of this period depicts very much so the environment around them and the crisis the artists went through. The art works are just like book the tell the reader what happened, except the art works go deeper than books the art works show emotion and emerge the feelings of the artist(s) that actually went through the trauma of this time period.

12. In the same way that art is influenced by the states of the world, various forms of art are influenced by one another. Is there a specific form of music, architecture or literature that, in the same period, is characteristic of the time period? Does it reflect the world in the same way that the visual arts of that period do, if at all? Art reflects the artist as well as the world and the time period. Music and poetry especially express the artists feelings as his/her art works do. A song can be played to express emotion just as art would only with music your using your ears to input into your brain instead of your eyes. And a poem can also express ones feelings of the world around himself, just by the way the writer combines different words together to create the different emotions he/she wants to express.

These other ways are just as effective of expressing your feelings about the world around you as art is, because in any thing feeling is how much work and thought you put into a piece of work, whether its a brush stroke or a word with a deep meaning. 13. What information can you find about the life of the artist(s)? Paul Delvaux lived in Belgium for most of his life. He went to many Fine Arts Academys. He often left on trips to get away and to sketch memories from his childhood and to put his fantasias into art. He lived to be 97 years of age.

14. What was the social economic position of an artist during the time period being researched? Paul Delvaux wasnt very high up on the social ladder in his time period, but nor were any other artists that practiced the same form of art as Paul Delvaux. These artists were considered “bad” by the church and were often banned from the churches. Society as a whole also frowned upon these artists, because the y for the most part followed the church. Therefore as that not many people understood these artists or tried to understand them, so not vary many people would buy there works. These artists were often money deprived for this reason and would paint murals and portraits on the corners of downtown streets.

15. What kind of life did the particular artist you are studying live? Paul Delvaux led a life of much change and exploration of his own mind. He would often take trips to free his mind and to make art of the memories and fantasies of his childhood and personal life. After going through art academies he tried to develop his own style, which he did. He spent a lot of his life observing and recording in his own way what he sees.

16. Was the artist personally involved in any specific political or social movement? Paul Delvaux wasnt personally involved in political or social events, but he was always indirectly involved in them by portraying there images. 17. Did the artist see his her involvement in art in any particular way? All art has some intent. The intent in Paul Delvauxs work is that he wanted to show people his way of viewing the world and to put across his feelings about the emotions he felt about the occurring events in his life. 18.

What was the artist trying to show through the art which he she created? a. deal only with abstract, element or compositional aspects of art In the painting Venus Asleep Paul Delvaux was trying to show a dreamlike composition with an abstract approach towards death. By using a relaxed woman and a skeleton hovering over her, which could symbolize death coming in her sleep. Using these images Paul Delvaux could be conveying the thought of German bombers attacking while the citizens are calm and relaxed, not expecting the bombers, or he could be symbolizing that the enemy is trying to be a friend to the woman while deep inside the enemy want whats not best for the woman. b. reflect the times which the artist lived? As I explained in Question “a” this painting was created when the Germans were bombing the Belgium city.

So Paul Delvaux was probably pretty emotional at the time of the paintings creation and these emotions are showing through in this painting. c. reflect his personal view of the world? Well, I cant really say what Paul Delvauxs personal view is with out asking him myself, but judging by his artwork Id say his personal view of the world comes out in his paintings because he most always uses dark pastel colors in his paintings for the landscapes and backgrounds, which contrast greatly with the bright skin color of the people in his paintings. I think this choice of colors symbolizes how dark the world really is when people are on it to contrast with it and exploit it.

d. reflect some emotional aspect of him herself or others? This painting Venus Asleep has many emotional parts that go deep within this painting and expose the true quality of the images of war and unfair death. Evaluation. 19. What do you see in the art work produced during this period or by this artist? What message comes across? (the message need not be sentimental or political – it may be only visual.) In the works and mostly the painting Venus Asleep by this artist I see a deep message of pain and uncertainty that came from a war combined with an already restless soul that needs attention not violence.

The people in the background to me symbolize the unhappiness of many people and the dark structures symbolize a highly growing technology of old theorys and questions. To me this painting shows me the end of the beginning of a pain that Paul Delvaux once suffered. 20. Is the art work of the time or of the artist successful? Does it do what it is set out to do? Does it convey the message that it intended? I feel that this piece of art from its time period does what it is set out to do. It conveys the message in so many different ways so that it can be interpreted as the viewer feeling the pain of a past event. I think the artist is successful in what he set out in achieving, because now over 70 years later were still talking about this painting. 21. Do you like the artwork of your research topic? Explain. Yes, I like the art work of my research topic, because it opens a window into something I cant normally see. “One should forget that a painting is a painting – that is to say, another reality”


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