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Veterinary Shadow Day

Updated May 1, 2019

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Veterinary Shadow Day essay

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Veterinary Shadow Day When I first arrived Lisa The girl that I shadowed told me that there was an emergency with one of the animals.

It ended up that a one-year-old beagle ate an entire thing of metabolite, and then slowly started to die. The liver had shut down, and the heart rate was up to 300. Lisa told me that taking a thing of metabolite was like taking 50 cups of coffee at once. The owners of the beagle were there and bowling. The beagles name was Murry. Murry’s body slowly was shutting down one thing after another.

The owners made the decision the dog was going to be put to sleep. We got the dog ready to be taken out. They undid all the cords from the dog so they could take it to another room. I said goodbye to the dog, and then they took it into the other room so that the owners could be there when they put him to sleep. After that happened they then had to put a sleep a little hedgehog that had cancer on its mouth.

We then did two regular checkups with one cat and with one dog. Those when great. After that we had a dog come in and it ended up having an affection that might end up killing it. I never heard the end result. The last thing that I did there was that a black lab had been bitten by another dog, and that dog ripped a hole in the neck of the black lab.

The doctors had to perform surgery on the dog to close up the holes in the neck. They first had to clean it out with qutips. And blood stated to come out right then I was a little dizzy and I thought I was going to faint. But thank god I didnt. I saw a cat get dental work on it.

And a cat get a bath and they had to blow dry it and brush the hair while it was a sleep. I thought that the work place environment was very clean and very professional. On my pictures on the poster it shows you that they even had a place for dogs to go in and a separate place for cats to go in they also have different waiting rooms for each of them. I could easily be able to work in a place that is that clean, and so organized. I learned multiple things there from chemicals how much they need how much they use math and science, to there organization skills, and there abillity to be able to communicate with the animals and be able to not cry ever time they have to put them to sleep. The things that they do hardly relate to what Im doing in school right now, because Im not that smart yet.

But in science we are learning about different chemicals together and how they make a reaction. Also Im learning how to keep everything nice and organized, so I know where everything that I need is. I observed many behaviors that they showed that would be important in a lot of jobs. One of those are there communication skills. To be able to work with many different people under the type of stress that they can be in is hard. That aplies to a lot of jobs because a lot of different jobs make you work under a lot of stress with many different people at the same time.

There are countless skills that you take on with you to college or even work. Kindness, cleanness, organization, and most of all people skills with out that you not be able to handle being in a job with other people. Being a veterinarian is something that I have always even since I was a little girl have wanted to be. I have always loved animals expesialy dogs.

I love to take care of them to train them, and most of all to make them feel better. This is exactly what a veterinarian does every day. Nothing was really bad about the job shadow. It was a great experience and I had a lot of fun. But one thing is the animals dying a dog and a hedgehog. It was really sad to see the owners crying, but to become a veterinarian you have to get used to being around animals dying , and putting them to sleep often.

The thing that I liked the most was being able to help them out when they need. Even if it was just holding the dog or cat down. I loved being in one of the al fits and being able to interact with the doctors and help out the animals even though Im under age. I still more then ever want to be a veterinarian being with the animals and on the site just built up my hopes of becoming one even more.

I cant wait till I go to college and study about this. This dream of becoming a veterinarian I dont think will ever pass I want it way to much. The most important thing that I learned would have to be that you need to be able to handle yourself in front of patients that are in tears because of there animal. And that you need to be the steady one not the one that is falling a part because you just put an animal to sleep.

Veterinary Shadow Day essay

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